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White Claw Seltzers Win Supreme Brand Champion 2021

White claw, the leading hard seltzer alcoholic beverage brand in the US and international markets was named by Spirit Business as its Supreme Brand Champion for 2021. It is second place on the Spirit Business top 150 list.

White Claw was launched in 2016 by Mark Anthony Brand international based out of Dublin is part of the wider Mark Anthony Brand . The brand was created as a healthy alternative to people looking for alcohol drinks without the calories. The CEO David Nugent remarked that.

“The brand has really with connected with consumers who is looking for a refreshing alternative to the drinks that are available or traditionally have been available within the alcohol market”

By CEO David Nugent

Since its inception, White Claw has witnessed exponential growth, 58.5 million nine liters cases of white claw was sold in 2020 . The brand stands out as one of the fast moving brand in the Hard Seltzer category. Also noted by Nelsen Data sales of White Claw has increased 250% over the previous years.

“For many consumers, White Claw grew to become synonymous with the entire hard seltzer category.”

By Genevieve Aronson, a Nielsen spokeswoman

Their Growth

White Claw is credited to marketing strategy (social media marketing), that it had 1.8 billion impressions on Instagram “A huge work was put into our social media platform that is were our consumers are”; which include the meme ability, fan produced merchandise and decided social media account by fans.

Spirit business noted that the growth of the brand especially during the pandemic was a reason why it became the its supreme champion.

Market Segment

It is accounted that over 50% of hard seltzer market in the US ,There was a reported shortage of white claw in 2020. It is the lead hard seltzer brand in the US with its huge popularity, it has expanded to other countries like UK and Canada where it is sold more than a million can units into first week, also in Ireland and Netherlands where its the leading category. Other intended market includes Australia, New Zealand, Finland, Switzerland and Germany.


White claw beverage is crafted with quality ingredients, is made from a blend of seltzer water, gluten-free alcoholic base and it reflects a hint of fruit flavor. The Alcohol by Volume (ABV) depends on what location its sold; In US &Canada its 5% ABV while in the international market its 4.5% ABV, although a new variety pack ‘surge’ which comes in cranberry and orange flavors have 8% ABV . It is sold in cans of 33oml in variety packs and flavors to include but not limited to raspberry, natural lime black berry, orange etc.

Tasting Reviews (By Vinepair)

White Claw Mango

  • Rating: 84
  • Style: Hard Seltzer
  • Produced In: United States
  • ABV: 5%
  • Calories: 100
  • Carbs: 2

Though the popularity of White Claw’s Mango flavor is unquestionable, it fails to impress in the same way that many others from its lineup do. The aromas and flavors don’t capture the convincing essence of fresh mango, and the palate could do with some extra sweetness to help provide balance.

White claw brand is ever expanding in reach and place to serve its costumers with the best quality and open new frontiers.

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