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The World’s Top-Selling Ready-To-Drink

A year as challenging as 2020 couldn’t reduce the growth of the  unstoppable ready-to-drink (RTD) category. RTD sales rose by 15.8% in 2020, reaching 648.8 million nine-litre cases, according to Euromonitor International.

The category’s success was so great that it  taken over total spirits in terms of volume sales in the US, and is set to become the second-biggest beverage category.

Here are the rankings of the Top Selling RTD brands from the least to the first:

6. Campari Soda

Campari Soda uncured a double-digit drop, moving from 1.5m cases sold in 2019 to 1.2m in 2020 following a few years of stagnant sales. It is known for its conical bottle, it is a 10% ABV pre-mixed apéritif created in 1932 and is primarily sold in the Italian market.

Last year, Campari Group’s profits declined by 24% as in last year, which was attributed to the closure of the on-trade by the firm. In 2021, it experienced an increase in business with a net sales increase of 17.9% during the first quarter of the year.

2020: 1.2m

2019: 1.5m

Place last year: 4

5. Jack Daniel’s Country Cocktail

 Jack Daniel’s Country Cocktails is owned by Brown-Forman, and it had a banner year in 2020 with sales skyrocketing from 92.1% to 2.7m cases.

It is a malt-based range which offers eight flavours: Black Jack Cola, Cherry Limeade, Berry Punch, Downhome Punch, Lynchburg Lemonade, Watermelon Punch, Southern Peach and Southern Citrus.

2020: 2.7m

2019: 1.4m

Place last year: 5

4. Jack Daniel’s & Cola

 Jack Daniel’s & Cola cans is also a product of Brown-Forman as it continued it’s RTD success in 2020, bringing in 7% more sales than in 2019. This whiskey-based RTD was distilled to create occasions where Jack could be enjoyed.

“Noting that canned cocktails “serve as an important consumer recruitment vehicle due to the category’s light and really accessible flavour profile”.

By Brown-Forman CEO Lawson Whiting

2020: 5.8m

2019: 5.4m

Place last year: 2

In 2021, the Jack Daniel’s family of brands managed to grow its net sales by 4%. Overall, Brown-Forman reported a 3% increase in sales during the 12-month period.

3. New Mix

Brown-Forman again got another spot in our ranking with its Tequila-based New Mix range. This saw an impressive return to growth after its decline in 2019.

The brand reported a 24.3% increase in 2020, from 6.5m nine-litre cases to 8m. In fiscal 2021, Brown-Forman’s Tequila grew by 14% despite the challenges of the pandemic.

2020: 8.0m

2019: 6.5m

Place last year: 3

2. -196° Strong Zero

This Suntory Spirits’ -196° Strong Zero experienced sales decline by 9.4% last year, dropping from 27.3m cases to 24.8.

The range of Highball-style drinks gets its name from part of its production method – fruits are frozen at -196°C and crushed into a powder, which is used to make the liquid. It is available in Japan.

2020: 24.8m

2019: 27.3m

Place last year: N/A

1. White Claw Hard Seltzer

This is the shining star of the Mark Anthony Brands International portfolio. It attained remarkable growth in 2020 as sales climbed from 24.4m cases in 2018 to 58.5m in 2020. White Claw Hard Seltzer experienced a 139.7% increase which earned the hard seltzer beverage the title of RTD Brand Champion in our 2021 report.

The hard seltzer producer from Ireland, has experienced massive success in the US market. It took an awesomely aggressive approach expand globally last year, launching in the UK and Australia, and more recently in five European markets: Austria, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Switzerland and Sweden.

2020: 58.5m

2019: 24.4m

Place last year: 1

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