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February 2022 Edition
October 2021 Edition
July 2021 Edition

We are proud to present “Stirred” Digital magazine dedicated to the Beer, Wine and Spirits industry, also geared for students and enthusiasts.
The magazine features new products and stories on founders, distilleries and breweries in the market. With the section of Happy Hours, there is plenty of games to test your beverage knowledge and win exciting prizes. Also created a specifically designed section for our protégés of the industry to learn more about alcoholic beverages.

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The magazine can be downloaded in pdf format and we encourage you to share it (not misuse) with others. However, it is best viewed with our “flip-book viewer” in a two page format. It feels just like you’re reading a magazine in reality.

Happy Hours Contest

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Crossword Tournament

A game to not only pass your time but really test your knowledge on the subject. Whether you’re a student or a professional, our crosswords will make you think twice.
Difficulty Levels:- Novice, Intermediate and Professional.
Participate in our Competition by providing us with the answers at
TOP 5 will be awarded recognition on the next edition with their individual credentials.
#1, the winner, will have a chance to win NVH Merchandise at the end of the year.