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What is Etiquette? It’s Just Wine

Evaluation the concept of evolution in Wine Consumption  

Etiquette, the basic social norms or the style of living in civil society, is a phenomenon that particularly addresses one’s membership in the social world. It is identified that every culture has its exclusive norms and practices. But the one, the so-called modern world followed around the globe, was Western superimposition resulting in a much more homogenous cultural practice. One of the fine examples is the Wine consumption and etiquette norm that evolve around it, as wine is a potential drink possessing an essence of elitism and elegance, consumed most by upper-class and high-status groups. However, with evolution, we get to see a massive shift in every prospect of life be it ordinary life or the industrial system, or wine consumption itself dissolving centuries of etiquette and norm. One of the prime reasons is availability and affordability making the contemporary generation use it as a passage to explore the world, and wine by its composition brings diverse flavors together drafting a delicate balance between traditional norms and new modern designs of living.

“The way we perceive wine and wine drinkers is undergoing massive change. Wine generally had an aura of elitism in India. There was a perception that it was consumed by certain kinds of people, and there is a certain amount of fineness around the entire process of drinking wine. But as more younger people begin to appreciate wine, the traditions are changing. Gen Z looks at wine as a way of bringing flavour of the world to the dining table, and wine drinking is about experience, about camaraderie. So the wine we choose for the younger generation keeping these things in mind and beginning global flavour are affordable costs.”

As Kunal Patel, Managing Director of Monika Alcobev stated on Indian wine consumption

The so-called new world that arose after the Enlightenment revolution emphasized not only scientific development but also etiquette, norms, and disciplines making a world diffused with every kind of ideal together. The meta-modernity evolution is not indifferent to this process, letting the etiquette, which was previously reserved for the elite class, melt among other categories of people resulting in breaking out of the authentic style of wine consumption. However, the basic/traditional norm the contemporary generation has yet trying to be followed by the younger generation, for instance:

  • Consumption of wine is always from the glass rather than from the bottle directly.
  • In the process of doing so, one must hold the glass by its stem rather than by the glass.
  • Before taking a ship one must swirl to release the flavor and scent of the wine truly, in order to swirl like an expert one must place the base of the glass firmly on a level surface and move it in a gentle circular motion. In doing so one should see the sides of the glasses, forming legs or tears, which must reveal the true nature of wine’s viscosity and alcohol concentration.
  • And, before the first sip, like a culinary ritual, lift the glass to toast – defining the final inauguration of the consumption session, these are normals identified by the appreciation word “Cheers”.
  • Among all these the most crucial is the temperature that the host or the one surviving the wine has to keep in mind i.e. white wine is served cold and reds are served slightly chilled.

But in this age of casual culture, the younger generation is in infirmity to practice century-old traditions. Thus to feel the true essence of wine culture and industry one should not,

  • Pouring wine to the edge of the glass, rather it is to be poured one-third to half of the glass’s contents, providing plenty of room for swirling and savoring the flavor of the wine. Moreover, it provides circumstances for avoiding spillage and messing then lets the wine expose its aura.
  • Something the younger generation is usually practicing is using intense odorant products like perfume or colognes. Wine etiquette thrust more on the aura of the wine and a more intense smell with the capacity to overpower arises the risk of interface letting the wine scent from not perceiving, deducing the intricate ability of the wine.
  • Wine is a very elegant drink, in this era of speed wine somehow brings calmness, softness, and a mannerism of relaxation, thus drinks like wine are defined by the essence of time, and engaging with the taste is the main deal of wine consumption. 
  • Another crucial thing is one should never swirl the wine too much and too fast, a gentle swirl a couple of times is enough for enjoying the true essence.

Thus, from the above discussion mastering the etiquette norm is not a big deal but the modern critical mind with the habit of questioning every aspect of the tradition, finds it very difficult to follow them. Even though the above-mentioned criteria of wine consumption don’t completely imitate the heritage norm and the majority has been lost in the waves of evolution. The little civilized world still followers are from the one that was eventually decided to be recorded for future use. In the fast-moving world neither of us can expect to spend hours to complete a glass of wine yet to get a little pleasure that wine has to give yet the only way to attach wine tradition to modern culture is by following the traditional norms.

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