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Ellie Goulding: An Investor For Brand “Served”

Alcoholic sparkling water infused with fruit flavorings, mostly served in a can and relatively similar to beer. Hard seltzer is a sub category of beer and yet in today’s world people distinguish hard seltzer as an individual category. Let me tell you why the popular single “Love me like you do” singer Ellie Goulding invested in the brand ‘Served’ hard seltzer.

Expression of the brand ‘Served’

From its unique name to the distinctive approach of eliminating food waste. ‘Served’ has started to shine in the category of hard seltzers. Cherry on the cake here is the involvement of Ellie Goulding, the two-time Brit Award winner. Celebrity collaboration has significantly led to the world-wide recognition of this remarkable hard seltzer. But as of now it is only available in United Kingdom. Although the brand is looking to expand its growth in Spain, France as well as Ireland.

‘Served’ hard seltzer is a brand founded by Ryan and Dean Ginsberg. They embarked on a 12-month journey to create something with world’s finest plant-based ingredients while sourcing the ingredients in an environmentally friendly manner. Originated from an English country, Goulding’s native Herefordshire. The co-founders were ‘thrilled’ to welcome Goulding on board.

I’ve always enjoyed a social drink with friends, but I also lead a busy lifestyle and am passionate about my health, fitness, and the environment. Served is a brand that allows me to have it all – a delicious and refreshing alcoholic drink without all the calories, sugar and bad stuff “.

By Ellie Goulding

Uniqueness of ‘Served’

“Served” hard seltzers are a blend of 4 vital notions.

  • ServedPure Gluten-free spirit – Crystal clear spirit with subtle smooth finish, distilled four times from locally grown wonky beet in France (Champagne-Ardenne)
  • Spring Water – Finest spring water naturally filtered through red and gray sandstone, freshly sprung in Staffordshire. This spring water is carbonated for a natural effervescence.
  • Wonky Limes – Tahiti limes grown in Catanduva, Brazil. The whole fruit is used for its deliciously sweet, less acidic flavor which maximizes the aroma during infusion process.
  • Wonky Raspberries – These raspberries are sourced from the local farms in Scotland’s Strathmere Valley, indulging a crisp and light flavor with natural sweetness to the drink.

Wonky fruits and vegetables are basically irregularly shaped. Singer and song-writer Ellie Goulding takes pride in the use of wonky fruit.

“We use ‘wonky fruit’ as an intervention on food waste, and innovative ecological packaging materials, and we will support habitats, people and animals on the front line of the nature crisis.”

By Ellie Goulding

Sparkling water infused with wonky fruit and the gluten-free ‘Servedpure’ spirit produces a beverage that is refreshing with 4% ABV, vegan, GMO-free. Apart from this the brand ensures that the drinks contain extremely light calories- 57 to be exact and zero sugar. 100% sustainable while 5% of the profits from each can sold are invested towards environmental projects and saving endangered species around the world.

‘Served’ gives great importance to the quality and health benefits of their drinks. They believe in being 100% transparent so that the customers can choose and know exactly what they are going to consume. Consumers describe the range of ‘Served’ hard seltzer as refreshing, hydrating and healthier as compared to other alcoholic beverages. Some even stating it as their new favorite.

Range of products offered by ‘Served’ hard seltzer


  • Tahiti lime from Brazil bestows this hard seltzer with a less acidic and deliciously sweet flavor.
  • The aroma & sweetness are magnified by using the whole fruit.
  • Gluten-free with no artificial sweeteners comes packed in 100% recyclable and BPA free cans.
  • Priced at £15.00 for a pack of 6 x 250ml.


  • British sparkling water infused with Servedpure gluten-free spirit and wonky raspberries.
  • This produces a crisp, light flavor with natural sweetness.
  • No artificial sweeteners and purely vegan comes packed in 100% recyclable and BPA free cans.
  • Priced at £15.00 for a pack of 6 x 250ml.

Apart from these two exceptionally delicious drinks, the brand also offers a ‘Served Natural Cotton Tote’ priced at £10.00 and a ‘Served Baseball Cap’ priced at £15.00.

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