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Wines Made On Volcanoes

The subject of wine is an interesting one and it is so because it is widely consumed in different cafeterias, hotels, restaurants, and bars across the world.

 It is interesting to know that wines are produced from different sources and ‘volcanoes’ are not left out.

Did I just say volcanoes? Yes, I mean volcanoes. Let’s take a look at what wines are.

Simply put, wines are drinks (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) produced from either fermented and non-fermented grapes.

Classification Of Wines

The main classification of wines is:

  • Red wine: These are made from black grapes. It differs in shades of colors from light to dark. It also differs in sweetness.
  • White wine: These are made using both green grapes and black grapes. It is available in varieties of color ranging from light to zesty, to taste varieties (rich and creamy).
  • Rose wine: These are usually made from black grapes. The skin is removed before coloration. It can also be made by blending red and white wine together. As regards taste, it can either be dry or sweet
  • Sparkling wine: It is usually a bubbly wine. It requires a second fermentation to create bubbles.

Before we go straight into the topic, I would love to share the general wine making process:

So, having taken you through the background study of what a wine is, its classification, and of course the process, we would be going straight into something very interesting:

Wines Made On Volcanoes (Volcanic Soil)

Do you know what volcanoes are? Well, it’s okay if you don’t because I will be saving you the stress of carrying out a research on what they are.

Volcanoes are vent or chimney which transfer molten rock known as magma (lava) from depth to the earth’s surface. It is usually an opening in the earth’s crest from which molten lava (magma), rock fragments, ashes, dust and gases are ejected from below the earth’s surface. The process in which these rock fragments are broken down and ejected from below the earth’s surface is known as ‘VOLCANIC ERUPTION’.

These volcanic materials breakdowns to form some of the most fertile soils on earth.

Volcanic wines on the other hand are usually not grown in elegantly coiffed vineyards/ landscapes but rather they come from treacherous soils formed from active volcanoes. The volcanic regions are jet-black, vast and diverse. They come from a range of climates from cold continental to subtropical, from different grape varieties and soil types say Szabo.

The varieties include the crisp from the sun-soaked hills of Santorini, and juicy herbal reds grown in the walls of Pompels.

Volcanic wines are usually concentrated with a bright acidity and saline characteristics from high levels of sodium, potassium, and magnesium in the soil.

Vineyards That Produce Wine Using Volcanic Soil

We will be seeing some varieties of wines produced from some vineyards grown on volcanic soils:

Santorini Greece

This tourist haven in the Aegean Sea produces some of the volcanic wines. The vines are planted in fields of pumice, ash, and volcanic rocks. Example of wine brand produce from this vineyard is 2016 Hatzidakis Assyrtiko. It is intense citrusy, bring and has a deep minerality.

Lake County California

Mount Konocti eruption 11,000 years ago littered soils with Obsidian and basalt in the north of Napa area. Examples of a brand produced from this vineyard is 2014 Obsidian Ridge Estate Cabernet Sauvigrion. It is dark and brooding red, with a lot of tannin and a striking minerality.

Canary Islands, Spain

This is an archipelago that lies 60 miles off Morocco but belongs to Spain. Some of these vineyards are planted in lava cracks, others in mini craters in black basalt. Example of a brand produced from this vineyard is 2016 Envinate Benje Tinto. It is cult red from old listan Prieto vines grown at 3,000 feet on Tenerife. It is red, spicy pepper, with floral edged aromas.

Mount Etna Sicily

This region in Sicily has the highest active volcano in Europe. Its soil ranges from basalt pebbles and pumice to black ash. Example of wine produced from this vineyard is 2014 Biondi Et na Rosso Outis.

Soave Italy

Grapes like Gargarega planted in the volcanic soils in this region produce weightier, richer whites loaded with mineral sensations. Example of wine brand produced from this vineyard is 2015 Suavia Soave Classico Monte Carbonare .

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