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Two Japanese Gin flavors of Ukiyo are revealed in the markets

Kirker Greer Spirits, a renowned spirit brand created a Japanese gin brand “Ukiyo” featuring two Japanese Gins- Ukiyo Japanese Blossom Gin and Ukiyo Japanese Yuzu Gin, crafted on Japan’s Kyushu Island. 

UKIYO Japanese word means “Floating World”. The term also refers to a state of mind emphasizing living in the moment, detached from the difficulties of life.

Ukiyo brand is born in Kagoshima in the shadow of the Sakurajima volcano. The Ukiyo Japanese Gin uses a base of traditional Japanese shōchū spirit. The Japanese shōchū spirit is made by first distilling harvested barley in the traditional Japanese pot still. Gradually, after the high-quality shōchū is redistilled, it produces a gentler gin that gives a beautifully soft mouthfeel.

The Ukiyo Blossom Gin is inspired by the blooming sakura flowers (cherry blossoms) and celebrating the ‘Hanami’ tradition in Japan. For Blossom Gin, the shōchū spirit is redistilled with juniper, regional citrus, cherry blossom, and native botanicals. This creation gives a delicate blossom aroma that emulates those found in the mountains and coastline surrounding Kagoshima.

For the Ukyo Yuzu Gin, the shōchū spirit is redistilled with juniper, yuzu, regional citrus, and botanicals. The flavor respects the 1500-year-old tradition of cultivating and harvesting yuzu in Japan. The yuzu flavor is tart and fragrant, resembling that of the lemon and grapefruit, with overtones of mandarin orange. 

We are delighted that there has been a huge demand for this product, our customers are intrigued by these truly unique spirits and feedback from the initial samples was phenomenal, not only on the taste but on the striking visual impact of the bottles too.”

John Soden, the chief commercial officer of Kirker Greer Spirits

The bottle is designed to showcase a color gradually mixing into another to depict the mountains and oceans of Japan. 

The brand also launched Ukiyo Rice vodka, which hails from the tropical island of Okinawa. The vodka has been meticulously crafted by triple distilling the traditional Japanese Awamori rice spirit in traditional pot stills. Ukiyo Rice Vodka is exceptionally clean, smooth, and subtly sweet.

Tasting Notes

Ukiyo Japanese Blossom Gin

  • Principal Notes: Juniper, Cherry Blossom, Orange
  • Background Notes: Parma Violet, Coriander, Woody Spice
  • Bottled at:  40% ABV, 700 ml

Ukiyo Japanese Yuzu Gin

  • Principal Notes: Juniper, Yuzu Citrus, Bitter Orange, Coriander
  • Background Notes: Pine, Lavender, Matcha Tea
  • Bottled at:  40% ABV, 700 ml

The gin is now available across international markets and is currently listed in online stockists in the UK, including through Amazon, and Spiritly.

Ukiyo Japanese Gin recipe

Ukiyo Japanese Blossom GinBlossom Fizz


  • Egg White
  • 25ml Lemon Juice
  • 25ml Cane Syrup
  • 30ml Double Cream
  • 45ml Ukiyo Blossom Gin
  • Soda Water
  • Directions: Long Shake. Serve over the chilled glass. Glass: Fizz Glass

Ukiyo Japanese Yuzu GinYuzu White Negroni


  • 20ml Aveze
  • 20ml Dolin Blanc Vermouth
  • 40ml Ukiyo Yuzu Gin
  • Directions: Stirred and serve over the rocks. Glass: Double Old Fashioned Glass

More recipes can be found on the official website.

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