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Tuborg White – The pathway for Carlsberg India into the wheat beer segment.

India is one of the biggest manufacturers of beer in the world. While in terms of consumption? Not too far behind. The legal age for alcohol consumption in India is set within a range of 21-25 (depending upon the particular state’s law for drinking). Therefore, the consumer group is ginormous and the potential attracts many international industries to this region. Budweiser and Carlsberg have created a great impact overall and there are some local breweries and upcoming brands on the list as well. Ale, Lager, Fruit Beer are some of the many beer types available in India. But there is one type that is well suited for the Indian palate as compared to others – Wheat Beer. In accordance to this fact, Carlsberg India has stepped up their game with the launch of ‘Tuborg White’ and ventured into one of the most creative and potentially experimental driven segments of the beer industry – Wheat Beer.  

In pursuit of better and not just better beer. We brew to create a better future for all of us’


Wheat Beer x India – The ideal combination

Wheat is an ideal grain when it comes to India, whether in terms of production or consumption. A versatile grain that is connected with all of us through our childhood. Indians have become accustomed to the taste and therefore many of them would prefer a beer that has a link to the sweeter side. IPA or Ale beers are for the consumers who like ‘that bitter’ taste. After the introduction of IPA and similar beers in India, it took a bit of time for it to spread and become a local favorite. But wheat beers? The taste this beer put-forth is palate friendly and easy for anyone to get accustomed to. 

Low level of bitterness, citrus spice addition, smoother texture and hints of sweetness makes wheat beers light, refreshing and preferable for the Indian palate.

The new ‘Tuborg White’ by Carlsberg India 

This new product launch by Carlsberg India is beyond any ordinary lager. The recipe for this brew was specially curated for Indian consumers by Carlsberg’s expert brewers in the R&D centre, Copenhagen, Denmark. This beverage provides the consistency and taste ‘ Tuborg’ is worldwide recognized for. Consumers looking for something new can totally have a sip of this new not so ordinary beer.

“The launch of Tuborg White reinforces our commitment to the Indian market. Tuborg White is a unique European style brew specially customized for the Indian consumer,”

Partha Jha, vice president, marketing, Carlsberg India.

Tuborg White – cloudy drink with a smooth refreshing taste and a subtle fruity twist. It is a fitting addition to Carlsberg’s portfolio, providing the consumers something new with a unique flavor profile. This brew comes in two variants – 

  1. Open a can and hear the asmr alike sound of the fizz. – 500 ml can priced at 170 Rs. 
  2. What better way to say cheers? – 330 ml glass bottles priced at 140 Rs.

These attractive options are currently only available in Maharashtra. But in the upcoming months, it will be available in other states as well.

“With the easy-to-drink refreshing liquid layered under a delicate fruity twist, we are sure it will be loved not only by lager drinkers but all consumers looking for a change from the regular. With our manufacturing & distribution capabilities, we are confident of expanding the category and will continue to offer exciting choices to our consumers from their favourite brand.”

Partha Jha, vice president, marketing, Carlsberg India.

The successful timeline of Carlsberg India :

Consumers in India have been enjoying the product range of Carlsberg since the 1990s, way before it commenced operation in India.

2006 – Carlsberg entered in India by incorporating a company named South Asia Breweries Pvt. Ltd. The name was changed to Carlsberg India Private Limited on February 23, 2009, to reflect the company as a part of the Carlsberg Group.

2007 – Production begins at an acquired brewery at Paonta Sahib, Himachal Pradesh. In the September of 2007, Carlsberg Green was launched.

2008 –  Extension of the brand took place with breweries established in Alwar and Aurangabad.

2009 – Tuborg Green launched and Brewery in Hoogly (near Kolkata) was established in September.

2010 – Tuborg Strong launched and the fifth Brewery was inaugurated at Sangareddy, Andhra Pradesh in December.

2013 to till date – In 2013, Carlsberg India inaugurated its 6th Brewery in Dharuhera, Haryana and in 2014 its 7th Brewery in Patna, Bihar was established. In January 2018, Carlsberg India established its brewery in Mysuru, Karnataka. The growth started from 5 markets in 2007 to 24 markets in 2008 to 32 markets (including Union Territories) to date. 

The unique range of products by Carlsberg India :

  1. Carlsberg Elephant
  2. Tuborg Green
  3. Carlsberg Smooth
  4. Tuborg Smooth
  5. Tuborg Classic with Scotch Malts
  6. Tuborg Classic Tonic Water
  7. Tuborg Zero Soda
  8. Carlsberg Smooth Soda
  9. Carlsberg Club Glasses
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