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Dinnewells gin company

Dinnewells Gin Company – Handcrafted Bottles of Love and Laughter!

Dinnewell Couple Chris and Sarah Dinnewell were passionate about gin thought of putting their brilliant ideas into life and this was the time that the amazingly unique Dinnewell’s Gin company was born. Dinnewell’s Gin company is an award-winning small-batch gin producing brand that has been ruling over the hearts and minds of every European for the last 2 years. This newcomer has blown off everyone’s mind by producing the best ever flavoured gins. 

From passion to profession : Dinnewell’s Gin company

The Dinnewell Couple Chris and Sarah were always passionate about serving their guests with love and laughter. Both of them have been working in the hospitality industry for the past 20 years, under several roles. But an urge to produce something of their own for their beloved customers is a different feeling and Chris and Sarah couldn’t help but start a company of their own.

Dinnewell’s Gin company – The name, logo and more

The Dinnewell’s are super fond of their family, and why should they not be. The couple decided to keep everything related to their love, family and children. 

“Our branding, logo and label ideas, replicate the same themes and colour schemes we used on our wedding day. The red rose on our logo, not only reflects the theme of our wedding but is also a nod to our youngest daughter Rose.” “Everything we do at Dinnewell’s Gin revolves around our family. The very reason the business has come to life is an unwavering drive to be able to support our two children and have the flexibility to provide them with everything they need.”

– The couple says

Products, Productions and Team Work! 

No company can be successful if they don’t practice teamwork and the Dinnewells understand this very well. Dinnewell’s Gin is carefully distilled by Nick Wadeson at Three Wrens distillery, Cheshire.

Chris and Sarah work closely with the production team for every new project they plan.

Have a look at the amazingly flavoured range of gin at the Dinnewell’s : 

  • Dinnewells Orange & Ginger Old Tom Gin : 

The spirit delivers a burst of tangy orange flavour with a hint of vanilla and a warming ginger finish. Sweetened with their homemade orange & ginger syrup, this drink is all you want for winter. 

  • Dinnewell’s London Dry Gin : 

Small batch London Dry. A handcrafted modern elegant juniper-forward gin. Bold citrus flavours balanced with a smooth warming texture will make you feel loved at all times.

  • Dinnewell’s Yorkshire Rosè Gin

 Yorkshire Rosè is crafted with Hibiscus, White Rose and Rosemary. This combined with the signature Dinnewell’s taste creates a complex, well-balanced gin. A hint of sweetness balanced with delicate floral and herbaceous flavours. Perfectly served over ice with Pink Grapefruit and a sprig of Rosemary. Paired with Indian or Mediterranean Tonic.

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