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Archie Rose Signature Dry Gin- Perfection Reimagined!

“My main ambition as a gardener is to water my orange trees with gin. Then all I have to do is squeeze the juice into a glass.”

W C Fields

Happy International Gin & Tonic day to all! Winter is near and we need some amazing gins to enjoy those snowy evenings, don’t we? 

Gin has always been a mysterious drink ever since it was produced. This is because the drink has always got a sharp feedback. According to philosophers, there are only two kinds of people in the world, one who absolutely hates Gin, and the other for whom this drink is a bottle of magic potion! 

There are so many traditions that Gin has brought in with itself since its birth in the year 1689. The first cocktail to be listed the British Cocktail book was made with a gin. Martini, the most famous gin-based cocktail, became a rage and still is. Days passed and this glorious spirit evolved beautifully to give us different varieties of Gins today!

Dry gins are those that are free from all artificial agents and flavorings. They are original and raw in all terms. Dry gins are preferred by a group of people who love to feel the fresh and untouched flavors of the botanicals used in the making of the gin. 

What’s better? –  Well, our favorite gin also comes with health benefits you might now have known before. A 100 ml glass of a dry gin just contains 263 calories and no sugars, saturated fats or carbs. The main ingredient of gins, the juniper berries, help clear clogged arteries and decrease the risk of heart attack. Moreover a small glass of this spirit can help reduce your joint pains and bloating too!

Wow! Looks like Gin’s a must try, huh? If the answer is yes, then please allow me to take you on an exciting “Gin Trip”!

Innovation X Legacy: Archie Rose’s Signature Dry Gin

Australia’s Award-winning distillery Archie Rose has always been into innovating, creating and surprising all with its beautiful produce, and their recent launch had made us all impatient. 

Archie’s team has accepted innovation as their prime motive and as a result they have produced a brand new form of their Australian Signature Dry gin. This flavorsome bottle of spirit is made with fourteen traditional and native botanicals ,each individually distilled in separate copper pot stills. 

The people at Archie Rose have revealed the recipe of producing a good gin- equal parts of raw ingredients, production equipment and human element. This is the reason the company has arranged for the best botanicals, perfectly designed copper pot stills and the best team of producers headed by Head Distiller Joe Dinsmoor. 

“This evolution of Signature Dry Gin is by far the best we have ever produced, and reflects Archie Rose’s endless search for continual improvement. For a few years now there were many technological and engineering constraints holding us back from what we wanted to achieve. And so began a three-year mission to design and build a new distillery from scratch and in many cases conceive, design and commissioning equipment that had never been made anywhere in the world before. With that distillery now fully operational we’ve unlocked a whole new tier of production possibilities.”

By Will Edwards (Founder)

This contemporary Australian Signature Dry Gin is designed in a way that it displays an array of flavors including those of fresh garden herbs, stone fruit and eucalyptus. Some of the major botanicals used are sunrise lime, Dorrigo pepperleaf, Geraldton waxflower, and river mint. All these local and traditional botanicals are blended well with the dry gin spirit base to create a flavorsome and subtle drink. 

The company has tried updating the product in all ways and has introduced a new eucalyptus green packaging that is absolutely refreshing. The gin has been proven to 42% ABV and is sold in a 700ml bottle. The company has priced their new product 

$58.59 for a 700 ml bottle and $83.70 for a 1000 ml bottle.

You will love this Australian delicacy the best in a herbaceous Gin Spiritz, a classic Negroni or as Gin and Tonic.

Archie Rose Distilling company- Australia’s Pride

                 Innovation, Creation and Satisfaction!

These three words define this Australian Distillery’s vision, mission and goals clearly. Founded in the year 2014, Archie Rose Distillery is situated a few kilometers from the city of Sydney. The distillery is a proud producer of gins, vodka, whiskeys, rum and canned drinks , but all of them in an innovative and flavorsome way.

Will Edwards , the founder of Archie Rose always wished to open a distillery of his own but this dream grew into reality after he came back after visiting some new distilleries in New York City. 

The company and its employees strongly believe in creating something new every time so that the clients are never short on variety. They trust on the quality and diversity of the local crops and produce of Australia and often use them as their main ingredients. 

The company has produced excellent products that have made them Australia’s most highly awarded distillery. Be it the World Whiskies Awards, SIP Awards or Tasting Australia Awards, Archie Rose has never left a chance of bagging a gold medal.

The best spirits created by Archie Rose Distilling Co:

  • Archie Rose Rye Malt Whisky- $ 119
  • Archie Rose Tailored Whiskey- $4000
  • Archie Rose Native Botanical Vodka- $69
  • Archie Rose Mim’s Tailored Vodka – $99
  • Archie Rose Know My Name Tailored Gin- $99
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