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Rosé Piscine: Wine on the Rocks

Jacques Tranier is the name of the man behind Rosé Piscine, a new way of enjoying wine. It was at the French Riviera where Jacques saw two people drinking rosé filled with ice that he first conceived the idea. explained that out of curiosity, Jacques ordered the same drink. He viewed the drink as being too flat to be drunk the way it is. However, the sense of freshness from the ice never left him. Just to invest in the wine he first thought of as being flat, he worked with his oenologists. It was in 2005 that they came up with what is known as “Rosé Piscine” today.

The Product

Rosé Piscine is described as the French still rosé wine. It is distinctly vinified to be served over ice. This means that the bottles don’t need to be chilled; you just have to drink the wine with ice.

Rosé Piscine is made in Fronton, South West France. It is produced using an indigenous varietal called Négrette grape. The Négrette grape is specifically found in the southwest region of France. It produces strong flavor and aromatic qualities. These qualities have been enhanced when the wine is served on the rocks.

The concept of its packaging relies heavily on the blue of the sea and light colors. Rose Piscine states that to promote the wine, a whisky-style glass was developed.

On The Rocks

It is well known that ice melts when put in wine. As it melts, the wine becomes watered down. However, it is not the case with Rosé Piscine. It is best drunk “on the rocks” with ice.

It is an oenophile tradition not to drink wine with ice, but Rosé Piscine breaks this taboo by being created to be enjoyed with ice. This idea has also prompted some brands to start crafting Champagne that is to be served with ice.

Tasting Notes

  • Color: Pale salmon, light to medium body
  • On the bouquet: Hints of Meyer melon, McIntosh apple, kiwi, vanilla, and skin of a peach.
  • On the palate: Well-balanced acidity and tannin, well rounded, and a long finish.
Rosé Piscine goes best with your aperitifs, salads or Mediterranean food.

Let Put The Rumors To Rest

Although Rosé Piscine was introduced a little over 15 years ago, it is becoming one of the top-selling products rosé wine annually. The demand in some quarters (France, Brazil, and the USA) is rumored to be insatiable.

From interviews, Inside Hook can confirm that there is a secret to the Rosé Piscine’s ice-melt-resistant recipe. Nevertheless, you can still enjoy Rosé Piscine’s lush fruit, supple and its crisp acidity. When thinking of a perfect rosé for summertime, think Rosé Piscine!

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