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Davide Campari Milano is an Italian brand popular for producing various spirits, wines and soft drinks. The story of this brand started in the year 1860 with their signature product – Campari Bitter. It is the sixth-largest spirits group worldwide and has a connection with 190 countries in terms of marketing and distributing their products. It is situated in Sesto San Giovanni, Milan – Italy. In terms of net sales, Campari group had an estimated net sale of 1,772 million in the year 2020. 

The timeline from 1860 

Gasare Campari was the founder of this brand and the inventor of the brand’s signature red aperitif beverage – Campari. When he was 14, he used to work as a waiter wherein people’s drinking habits inspired him to venture into the field of alcohol. Later, he opened a bar which became very successful and this decision was followed by the opening of another one in the heart of Milan. In 1904 Campari’s first plant was established in Sesto San Giovanni. A historic moment in the brand’s history is dropping the production of all drinks except Campari bitter and Cordial Campari. This decision was taken by Davide (the son of Gasare) in an attempt to shift the focus on making the brand popular worldwide. 

The name ‘Campari’ was popularized through art illustrations like ‘The Spiritello’ by Leonetto Capiello. During the 1950s, Bruno Munari produced the manifesto ‘ Graphic Declination of the name Campari’. Even in the film industry, Italian director Federico Fellini shot his very film commercial for Campari. The major turn towards enhancing its portfolio globally came in 1995 – the acquisition of the Italian business of the Dutch Group BolsWessanen. This brought in some really well-known brands which significantly contributed to the success of the Campari group. After this, the brand went on acquiring many popular brands which we will see in the portfolio list. 

‘The brand is distributed and renowned in more than 190 countries in the world, and keep on working together famous actors and photographers on the Campari Calendar – see more on the Calendar section.’ – Campari Group.

The Portfolio of Campari group –


  1. Campari
  2. Aperol
  3. Cinzano Vermouth Rosso
  4. Cinzano Vermouth Bianco
  5. Cinzano Vermouth Extra Dry
  6. Crodino
  7. 1757 Vermouth Di Torino Extra Dry
  8. 1757 Vermouth Di Torino Rosso
  9. Campari Soda


  1. Champagne Lallier


  1. Bisquit


  1. Bulldog Gin
  2. O’ndina
  3. Bickens


  1. Grand Marnier
  2. Cynar
  3. Averna
  4. Braulio
  5. Frangelico
  6. Ancho Reyes
  7. Ouzo 12
  8. Dreher
  9. Sagatiba
  10. Zedda Piras


  1. Montelobos

RTD – Ready To Drink

  1. Wild Turkey Ready To Drink


  1. Appleton Estate
  2. Wray and Nephew
  3. La Mauny
  4. Trois Rivieres 

Sparkling Wines

  1. Cinzano
  2. Mondoro
  3. Riccadonna


  1. Espolon
  2. Cabo Wabo


  1. Skyy Vodka


  1. Wild Turkey
  2. Forty Creek
  3. The Glen Grant
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