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Daru – A Canadian Whisky With An Indian Touch

Whisky is one such drink that has been loved by humans for a very long time. Its unique taste, color, mouthfeel, aftertaste, and fragrance have attracted an audience all over the world. 

But do you know whiskey comes with a lot of health benefits?

Experts have found that an estimated amount of whisky can promote weight loss. Moreover, it has been found that whiskies are responsible for diabetes control, healthy cholesterol levels, and can even be reducing stress. 

Recently held craft distillery spirits competition 2021 results are out and the winner is none other than a Canadian whisky named Daru.

Here’s the full story: 

Daru by Sran Spirits : 

Sran Spirits was started by the Sran brothers after being inspired by their father’s history of making spirits in his native India. Their most popular and flagship product is Daru which is an Indian-inspired whisky. Daru is made with 100% Canadian corn blend; unlike most Canadian whiskies that have a high-rye content causing them to be spicy.

The story of Daru and Sran’s began from their native place in Punjab. They have acres of land where they grow top-quality crops. Their ancestors created a recipe and technique for distilling spirits which they passed down to their father and his siblings. This unique whisky got name and fame in Canada and the Sran’s named it Daru.

Daru – The winner of the 2021 craft distillery spirits competition: 

Daru, Canadian corn-based whisky is filtered through activated charcoal. But this is not all, the fragrant whisky is aged for a total of three years in Canadian Oak barrels. 

“As a fairly young competition, we’re still experiencing growth in our entry pool as word gets out, It’s absolutely the right time to spotlight small producers, many of which are struggling for survival right now. Any support we can offer to keep these amazing craft distilleries in business is definitely worth our efforts.”

Del Fiorentino said in a prepared statement.
  • Vital Stats: 80 proof, 40% ABV.
  • Price ~ $30 per 750ml bottle
  • Tasting Notes: Daru Whiskey
  • Palate: This was a lighter-bodied whiskey with flavors of honey, corn, and a touch of vanilla. In regards to finish, it was pretty short, though the boozy presence stuck around for a while. Similar to the nose, this one is simple and straightforward.
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