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Nao Spirts coffee gin

India’s First Coffee-Infused Gin By Nao Spirits

Nao Spirits brought the wave of craft industry into India and they have released some magnificent beverages. Their releases have taken India’s position steps higher into the craft industry. Their recent launch is a beautiful collaboration of two popular and exquisite beverages – gin & coffee. Infusion of coffee into gin is a local favorite internationally, but releasing a gin based on coffee infusion that reflects India’s potential growth while highlighting popular Indian brands is what – ‘No Sleep’ by Greater than Gin is all about! Evolution of the craft industry with such products that speak superiority along with quality flavors and unique elements is the path Nao Spirits chose. 

All about ‘No Sleep’

The co-distiller of Nao Spirits – Jay Dhawan first stumbled on the concept of this delicious beverage as an experiment in 2017. This coffee infused gin is a blend of Greater Than – India’s first craft gin & Sleepy Owl – India’s first cold brew coffee. The innovative spirits of both these brands have created a gem. The innovative spirit of presenting something extraordinary to the Indian audience is what fueled the passion and the result is getting popular worldwide by the seconds. 

“We’ve since served it at many bars, occasions and events. It was his idea to put the cold brew straight into the bottle, and it is this we are so pleased to be able to bring out to the world and keep his legacy alive.”

Co-founder and distiller Anand Virmani

No Sleep is produced by infusing Sleep Owl’s cold brew which is made from 100% Arabica Coffee from Chikmagalur, Karnataka. This gin-coffee infusion does not contain any artificial flavors, coffee extracts and is also sugar-free.The first sip offers notes of red cherries, followed by the flavour of salted caramel and the subtle spice of pink peppercorn.  The boldness of coffee in perfect harmony with Greater Than’s classic gin is available in 9 Indian states and 16 countries worldwide. The plan is to further venture into 5 more states of India, the upcoming one is Delhi by the end of January 2022. 

“When the idea for India’s first coffee-infused gin came about, it was a no-brainer. Chikmagalur produces some of the finest coffee in the world, and we’re so excited to share this with customers through an ingenious drink that goes beyond a cup of coffee.”

Arman Sood, Co-founder of Sleepy Owl Coffee

The ABV of this gin is 42.8% and it is priced at ₹ 1,850 for 750ml

The packaging of this gin is sleek and simple but eye-catching. The cylindrical bottle with a delicately designed label complements the dark ethereal beauty inside. The label features product name, brand name, a small brief on the process, location, notes along with the ABV, quantity and the cursive note stating – ‘Limited Release’.

Do you know why this release is of utter importance? It is because of the quality of flavors this gin possesses that would be a pleasant surprise for the Indian palate. Venturing into new categories and shining Indian expertise is all well done through this product. With the amount of recognition craft spirits get in today’s modern world, releases like ‘No Sleep’ fit perfectly into the ‘This looks unique’ category

Nao Spirits are known for launching India’s first craft gin – Greater Than Gin as well as The World’s first Himalayan Gin – Hapusa. Both of these spirits are beautiful and deliciously packed in a bottle. The brains behind these exquisite and sophisticated spirits are – Anand Virmani, Vaibhav Singh, Aparajita Ninan, Abhinav Rajput and Jay Dhawan. 

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Sleepy Owl is a homegrown Indian coffee brand that serves perfection in every cup. Need a great cup of coffee? What if I told you that you could get one at home instead of going out? The answer to it is – Sleepy Owl’s perfect portfolio of cold brew & hot brew coffee products. Some products of this brand include –

  •  Cold-brew: Hazelnut, French Vanilla 
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