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Rabble Rouser Whiskey Launched In The UK

Catoctin Creek distillery has recently launched the Rabble Rouser Rye whiskey in the UK. Earlier, they have also released the Three Roundstone Rye whiskeys in the UK.

The word ‘rabble rouser’ means agitator, troublemaker, and instigator. Just like its meaning, this whiskey instigates your senses to indulge in its smoky, caramel depth. Made from 100% rye, yet you can taste the nutty complex flavor in it.

The distillation process

“Distilled from 100% rye and bottled in bond, the Rabble Rouser differs from its cousin, Roundstone Rye, in that it is distilled at a lower proof, allowing lots of earthy goodness from the grain to come through in the spirit. Where Roundstone Rye is sort of restrained and elegant, Rabble Rouser is more unruly and vivacious.

By Scott Harris (founder of distillery)

Catoctin Creek’s latest expression to be launched in the UK is a single barrel rye whiskey, which is distilled at a lower ABV than the Roundstone Rye. The rye from the local farmers is column distilled in hybrid stills. The whiskey is distilled from 100% rye which gives the smoky and caramel depth flavors.

The plates of the column are disengaged, which captures a much rougher spirit with fruity and nutty flavors. The spirit is then aged for four years in Minnesota white oak barrels. At Catoctin Creek, they believe in combining traditional whiskey-making with sustainability at the core.

Though their production methods may be traditional, Catoctin Creek is forward-thinking in their practice of sustainability. An onsite solar plant offsets 85% of their production electricity. The heads from whisky distillation go on to a second life as spray cleaner and sanitizing solution, and the tails are re-distilled to become the base of their Watershed Gin. Spent mash becomes feed for local cattle farmers. “

According to the Whiskey Wash

Tasting Notes

Nose– Cherries and toasted marshmallows.

Palate– Hints of spice, as well as flavors of pepper, ash, and caramel, stone fruits, and nuts.

ABV– 50% ABV, high-proof rye.

Color– Deep mahogany.

Consumers in the UK will be able to buy the whiskey from Native Spirits, The Whisky Exchange, Master of Malt, and Southport Whisky, priced at RRP £99 (US$137) per 700ml bottle.

About Catoctin Creek Distillery

Catoctin Creek was founded by Becky and Scott Harris in 2009 as the first legal distillery in Loudoun County. Located in Purcellville, Virginia, in the heart of the Loudoun Valley, the distillery is dedicated to producing Virginia’s most awarded spirits- whiskey, gin, and brandy.  Catoctin describes a range of mountains and the eponymous creek which flows picturesquely past the distillery and into the Potomac River and Chesapeake Watershed. Hence, the distillery is named- “Catoctin Creek”.

At Catoctin Creek, grain and fruit are sourced from local sources, free of pesticides and chemical additives. The results are the finest, cleanest spirits possible, with the greatest attention to detail in every single bottle. The distillery also employs a sustainability concept – use solar energy for 85% electricity production, the heads from whisky distillation go on to a second life as spray cleaner and sanitizing solution, and the tails are re-distilled to become the base of their Watershed Gin. The flagship product, Roundstone Rye, has been awarded gold medals across the globe (London, New York, San Francisco), and is a fantastic rye whisky replicating old-world production methods.

So, cheers to the launch!!

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