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Onikishi Japanese whisky

Onikishi Whisky: The Enduring Essence of Japan

“Japan is a land known for his technological marvels yet its deeply rooted cultural heritage and behind this are centuries of mysticism and epic tales of lore. Onikishi is the demon knight bound to our whisky, imbuing it with its strength and vigor, its mystical charm and encapsulating the country’s deep traditions in its newest spirit, capturing the enduring essence of Japan.” – Milestone Beverages website.

Onikishi Japanese Blended Whisky captures the enduring essence of Japan and is produced by the spirits company Milestone Beverages HK. Milestone Beverages HK has recently partnered with spirits distributor Iconic Beverages to launch Onikishi Japanese whisky in Australia.

We developed Onikishi to capture the imaginations of Japan fans, anime enthusiasts, casual samurai wannabes – and marry this to the world of Japanese whisky where interest and pricing had become all too serious. Onikishi is a whisky for all to stand out on any shelf, tell an interesting story and please the palate, paying homage to the enduring essence of Japan. We are thrilled to have Iconic as partners to unleash Onikishi within Australia.

Damith Weerakoon, director of marketing and operations at Milestone, announced:

With the ever-growing popularity of Japanese whisky we saw a clear opportunity and perfect space in our portfolio to bring Onikishi to Australia. It seems like we’ve picked a winner and are ecstatic to already have Onikishi in spirits specialists Vintage Cellars and First Choice within weeks of arrival.

Dean Terranova, the founder of Iconic Beverages, commented:

Onikishi derives its name from the Japanese words “Oni” meaning Demon and “Kishi” meaning Knight, which when put together refers to Oni Samurai in Japanese. Onikishi whisky is like a demon knight with its strength and vigor, encapsulating the traditional culture of Japan with its newest spirit. 

The whisky is produced in Taka-Cho, Hyogo prefecture, a town framed by mountains with a mild climate. The amber liquid takes its form in the dark smoky rooms of white oak barrels preserving the essence of Japanese culture known for immaculate execution, infinite hospitality, and ground-breaking innovation within it.

The official tasting notes served neat or on ice include-

  • Nose:
    1. Neat – A woody body from American white oak nuanced by honey tones give way to a heathery and myrtle floral scent touched by citrus
    2. On Ice – Chilling mutes the woody scents and accentuated the citrus myrtle flavor and brings forward a touch of vanilla
  • Palate:
    1. Neat – An immediate rush of honey and vanilla give way to a more robust caramel that coats the mouth and makes way through the mid-palate to a warmer cedar smoke
    2. ‍On Ice – Citrus Flavour integrated into the creamy feel of caramel with a subtle undertone of cedar
  • Finish:
    1. Neat – A refreshing kick of yuzu zest contrasts the opening sweetness to end as it begins on a woody note
    2. On Ice – The mid-palate carries through to the finish ending with just a touch of warmth

Onikishi Japanese whisky 700 ml bottling is available for purchase for an RRP of HK$498. Onikishi Japanese Whisky clocks at 43% ABV.

The bottle label is designed animatedly with a dark demon samurai carrying the Onikishi bottling in his hand. The red-eyed demon samurai is fully dressed in traditional Japanese samurai armor and holds a samurai blade in another hand.  Behind the knight, the Japanese flag is projected as background. The symbolism of the label is quoted as Onikishi charts a path through the tapestry of Japan, an eternal spirit that will evolve through the ages, always pioneering while keeping deeply rooted in its traditions, defending the honor of the noble liquid and keeping alive The Enduring Essence of Japan.

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Onikishi Japanese whisky is set out to unleash the demon samurai in the form of dark amber liquid to give you the smooth smoky and citrusy taste and bring out the flavours of Japan- to be savoured and treasured.

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