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From the heart of South Northamptonshire: The Wharf Distillery

Independent distilleries always bring their own fusion and creativity to the mix. There’s no saying in which foraged botanical is part of the magic, the vision of local distilleries is inspired by the region, people and culture. One such magnificent distillery ‘The Wharf Distillery’ situated in the United Kingdom, South Northamptonshire is an excellent example of local twist mixed with an exquisite portfolio of spirits.

About the Distillery:

An independent, small-batch, copper pot distillery situated in the U.K is known for its – gins, vodkas, liqueurs, aperitifs, brandies and much more. The flavorful range of spirits is crafted from their beautiful farm located in the South Northamptonshire countryside. The copper pots that are used in the production process are of Portugal origin. 

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One amazing highlight of this distillery is its grain to glass concept. This concept includes actually fermenting the raw ingredients to create the initial base alcohol. This step eliminates the need of buying a neutral spirit for production and also adds an amazing flavour to the foundation. 

They are known for a variety of spirits along with their own range of exotic blends and flavours of liqueurs and aperitifs. The distillers combine locally foraged botanicals and the distillery’s Portuguese copper alembic pot stills to create magic in a bottle. 

The plus point of such a diverse portfolio? If you’re looking for an after dinner drink or something that goes with your cocktail creations – The Wharf Distillery has got your back! You can buy their range of spirits in local independent shops, local markets and food festivals in and around Northamptonshire, Milton Keynes and North Buckinghamshire.

The Portfolio of The Wharf Distillery :


  1. Safine Drench – Northamptonshire Gin
  2. Old Silson – Silverstone Gin
  3. Lactodorum – Towncester Gin
  4. New Town Gin – Blackberry & Winter Spice Liqueur
  5. New Town Gin – Sloe & Clementine Gin Liqueur 
  6. New Town Gin – Lemon & Basil
  7. New Town Gin – Orange & Pomegranate
  8. New Town Gin – Mango & Cucumber
  9. Cromer Carnival 50th Anniversary Gin
  10. 1423- Royal Latin School Anniversary Gin


  1. New Town Rum – Black Cherry & Vanilla
  2. New Town Rum – Gorilla & Honey
  3. New Town Rum – Mixed Spice

Whisky & Grain Spirit

  1. Solstice – Single Malt English Whisky
  2. Fry Drenc – English Single Malt Grain Spirit

Brandy & Cider Spirit

  1. Æppel Drenc – English Apple Brandy
  2. Chafor – Fine English Brandy

Cider Vinegar 

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Vodka & Liqueurs

  1. Lemon Hello – Lemon Spirit Liqueur
  2. Liqueurs : Toffee I Banoffee I Salted Caramel
  3. Gadan Drenc – English Vodka
  4. Wooden Hill Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur.

‘Have you ever thought about having your own brand spirits, maybe a single malt or brandy distilled from your own wort, cider or wine. Maybe you would like to use botanicals you’ve foraged or selected to create your own unique gin or botanical vodka? Well, we can help turn that dream into a reality with our small batch contract distilling service.’

– Wharf Distillery
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