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North 42 Gin

NORTH42 Valencia Orange & Passionfruit Gin – New Flavor New Passion

Today there are hundreds of herbs, botanicals, and spices that are being used to flavor the gins. Gin is something that never backfires! It goes superb with tonic and ice and stands as the perfect match for your cocktails as well.

NORTH42, a brand fond of flavoring their gins, has recently launched their brand new flavored gin that is going to hit the markets very soon. This flavored spirit created with love and compassion has been specially designed for the Gin-lovers.

Let’s read the full story!

NORTH42 – Manufacturing love potions in the name of gins!

You might find the name a bit rare and unusual but their back story for sure will change this perception. 

NORTH42 is a gin manufacturing brand that has been in action since the year 2019. Founders Joanna and Sally have always been passionate about flavoring their gin and pairing them with gourmet food. Both of them are the owners of North Bar and Kitchen which is located at No. 42 Hinckley Road in Leicester. One day when they had reached the sale of 41 gin bottles, they decided to produce the 42nd one by themselves. And hence “NORTH42”!

Valencia Orange X Passionfruit: A glass full of love, life, and Laughter!

The founders of NORTH42 are extremely playful and fun when it comes to flavoring their gins. They trace out the best combinations to make a drink whose each drop is worth having. 

With the help of their creative team, NORTH42 is here with their new flavor. Combining the tanginess of Valencia oranges and the sweetness of passion fruits, the makers have produced a beautifully balanced gin. But as always there are a handful of secret botanicals that have been added into the bottle to make it worth every penny. 

NORTH42 new flavored gin will be available for sale from the 1st of December, 2021 at its official release. One 700ml bottle of this gin will cost you around $54 and this spirit has been proven to be 42% ABV.

“North is an exciting and much-loved restaurant at 42 Hinckley Road, Leicester (and, can confirm: gorgeous food and exquisite presentation). Joanna and Sally, who run the restaurant, have brought their passion for quality ingredients and distinctive pairings to their own gin. Copper pot-distilled using grain spirit and natural ingredients, North42 brings together Valencia orange and passionfruit plus a balance of botanicals in this bright, fruity blend.”

said Selfridges.

Classic Cocktails by NORTH42 :

  1. Atomic 42
  2. Rhubarb Tumble 
  3. North Manhattan
  4. NORTH42 Rhubarb Fizz
  5. Passionfruit Blossom
  6. Passion Purveyor
  7. NORTH42 Passion Fruit Fizz
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