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The “Three Season Gin” by Cambridge Distillery

Are you a gin fan? Do you want your own “unique” gin with “precise recipe” created especially for you? Did you know the Cambridge distillery launched “The Three Seasons” gin? Let me tell you about it!

The Cambridge Distillery: The story

The story begins now. As the information goes- “Gin production has remained almost unchanged since the mid-18th century. Most are good. Some are very good.” Curious? Continue along..

 The Cambridge Distillery, UK has been creating award-winning gins, at least a gold medal at the international competitions. The Cambridge Distillery is the world’s most innovative distillery with pioneering distillation methods. The co-founders were William and Lucy. They were inspired by the meadows surrounding Cambridge, to create gins that capture the taste of the English seasons using botanicals grown around their home. Cambridge Distillery had only one aim-

To create outstanding gins using the freshest botanicals”.

The best is yet to come. Every gin that the distillery has ever released has won international awards for quality, and their unique distillation methods have awarded them ‘the most innovative distillery in the world’, three consecutive times.

How do they achieve creating “outstanding” gins?

  1. FRESHEST BOTANICALS- They use only botanicals that are fresh and in season; along with the “precise recipe” for your taste.
  2. PERFECTION VIA DISTILLATION- They tailors nine variables like temperature, timing, pressure, etc. to distill each botanical individually for achieving the perfect flavor.
  3. THE SCIENCE AND ART OF BLENDING- Master Distiller William Lowe then expertly blends these concoctions into a harmonious whole. He took 20 years to master the art of blending.

The New Gin: Three Seasons Gin

Three Seasons gin is blended to capture the essence of English Garden through the seasons. ‘Fragrant spring lemon verbena’,’ fresh summer rose’, and ‘autumnal blackcurrant leaf’ are tailored into this supple and vibrant gin. These English ingredients have been tailored in such a way that you can experience the flavours evolving in your palate as the chronological order of the seasons. The gin is said to provide aromas of refreshing citrus and lemon on the nose, with rounded palate infused with ‘English roses’ and a ’generous’ finish.

Three Seasons allows the drinker to experience our unique natural surroundings, wherever they may be. We have distilled the archetypal botanical essence of each season from our environment and frozen it in time. My inspiration for Three Seasons is ultimately the Martini – my favourite cocktail. The Martini leaves a gin with nowhere to hide with three simple, yet complex ingredients. The Martini that you will create with Three Seasons will be like nothing you’ve tasted before.

William Lowe, master distiller, said (It also shines in a Martini, where the gin has nowhere to hide.)

This gin had its launch on 1st June, 2021. The 45% ABV spirit is available for RRP £90 (US$127) per 700ml bottle in the United Kingdom.

 So, order yourself one of this hand-crafted, exquisite and delicate gin; for the taste of the season.

Other Products by Cambridge Distillery

  • Truffle Gin

The Truffle Gin is the world’s first digestif gin and winner of the Ultra Premium category of the Luxury Spirits Masters 2017. It is created with white truffle (an ingredient which is worth more than gold per gram) from Alba, Piedmont, as the name suggests. This luxurious spirit is a complex and well-balanced spirit of unparallelled depth. This deliciously is best enjoyed over ice, with a twist of orange.

Master – The Spirit Business
  • Japanese Gin

This Gin is the world’s first gin to use only Japanese botanicals.  Japanese Gin is made using six botanicals: juniper, shiso leaf, sesame seeds, cucumber, sansho and yuzu. Each distilled individually in a vacuum, then blended together for exceptional purity of flavour using Cambridge Distillery’s low-temperature distillation processes. It was launched in 2014 and won a ton of awards for it’s exquisitely- balanced and delicate flavour. Enjoy this drink long with another equally delicate spirit and a garnish of green apple. 楽しませる! (‘Enjoy’ in Japanese)

CWSA Double Gold Medal 2015
  • Cambridge Dry Gin

This Gin was created to capture the ‘Quintessential’ taste of the English seasons. A recipe including juniper, fresh basil, rosemary, angelica, lemon verbena, blackcurrant leaf and rose petals were used. Each individually distilled and expertly blended into this outstanding gin. This gin is perfect for a long G&T, martini and in summer cocktails. Garnish with fresh mint and enjoy the refreshing taste. 

CWSA Gold Medal 2017
  • Curator’s Gin

Curator’s Gin is created in partnership with Cambridge University Botanic Garden. The botanicals are hand-picked and transported to the distillery within minutes of harvesting for preserving absolute purity of freshness and flavour. Master Distiller William Lowe then expertly blended these individual elements into Curator’s Gin, a truly outstanding spirit with an herbaceous and floral profile. Curator’s Gin is available as an experimental batch of just 600 bottles and is the latest release in Prototype series.

  • Elderflower Gin Liqueur

Elderflower Gin Liqueur uses the international Cambridge Dry Gin as its base and is inspired by the heavy, fragrant heads of elderflowers. Superb served simply over ice, or as an addition to your G&T. Delicious!

  • Anty Gin

Cambridge Distillery’s Anty Gin is the result of collaboration with Nordic Food Lab, and is the very first gin in the world to be made from insects. Each bottle of Anty Gin contains the essence of approximately 62 red wood ants, along with botanicals including juniper, wild wood avens and nettle that complement the sharp citrus notes created by distilling the ants. This gin is named World’s Most Innovative Alcohol in the 2015 World Beverage Innovation Awards. It makes an exceptional gift for a rare spirits collector.

World Beverage Innovation Award 2015
  • Cambridge Seasonal Gin

Seasonal Gins are true collector’s items that will make marvellous gifts for gin-lovers celebrating a special occasion. There are two varieties- Autumn Winter 2019 and Spring Summer 2020. The Autumn Winter 2019 is part of the series of biannual seasonal gins and made with distillates of botanicals harvested in the final six months of the year. 

Constructed from a blend of botanicals including clean and crisp Douglas fir, toasted roasted cobnuts, herbaceous lemon thyme and aromatic sage; the result is a warming and soothing gin that subtly shifts depending on how you choose to enjoy it. To experience the sage and herbaceous tones, you can try it with a single ice cube; or, warm a glass in your hand to open up the caramelised cobnuts; or for the lively citrus of lemon thyme, mix 1:1 with regular tonic. 

Spring Summer 2020 is part of the series of biannual seasonal gins made with distillates of botanicals harvested in the first six months of the year. Made with ingredients like lemon thyme, lemon verbena, and lemon balm, gives a suggestion of sherbet zestiness with an extensive finish. The resulting blend of these individual distillates is a balanced, refreshing and expressive gin.

  • Watenshi

The world’s most exclusive gin, Watenshi is the “angel’s share” of Cambridge distillery’s Japanese Gin. Just 15ml of spirit is preserved per distillation. The liquid inside has notes of sweet citrus and spice, supported by bitter juniper. The result is a gin of unparalleled intensity, delicacy and complexity. The gin is released in batches of just six bottles at a time and each one is presented in a hand-crafted feather nest.

World Beverage Innovation Award 2016
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