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Magic Moments Vodka Cocktail – RTD

Made with a vodka base with 4.8% alcohol content, Magic Moments Vodka Cocktail range comes in cans packaging with a light-hearted look and feel to embody the spirit of relaxed, at-home and outdoor occasions.

Priced ranging between Rs 200 – Rs 250, Magic Moments Vodka Cocktails will be available in three stimulating flavours – Cosmopolitan, Cola, and Mojito. A host of vibrant flavours will be added to this range in near future. The brand is available in Karnataka to begin with and will expand its footprint to Goa, Maharashtra, and Daman & Diu in the coming months. We foresee it to be a national brand by next year.

The special attraction of the product is its packaging in the can which enforces the convenience of handling it in the comfort of your home or on the go.

The product is canned at Woodpecker Distilleries & Breweries Private Limited in Karnataka. The facility possesses state-of-the-art infrastructure to cater to new-age bottling requirements.

“Being one of the oldest IMFL companies in the country plays to our advantage in terms of R&D and consumer feedback in the industry. The inclination of our consumers towards the ready-to-drink products and cocktail culture in the on-trade market gave us an insight into the changing consumer preferences. Magic Moments Vodka Cocktail comes forward as a solution to bridge the gap between the urge to experiment and the desire to experience your drink comfortably at home or on the go.”

Mr. Amar Sinha, Chief Operating Officer of Radico Khaitan Limited

“Traditionally, cocktails were made of Vodka. Magic Moments Vodka Cocktails are the only cocktails available in the RTD market that keeps Vodka as the base alcohol content. With this launch, we are also filling up the gap in the LAB category where vodka-based cocktails were lacking in RTDs. We are elated to bring the traditional ingredients for cocktails back into vogue but with a twist”

Mr Sinha Highlighted

In 2021, the global ready-to-drink cocktails market stood at approx. Rs 6400 CR, and it’s expected to grow at about 13.4% CAGR between 2022-2030 as per a market analysis report by Grand View Research. People who do not consume liquor are also enthusiastic about trying this new alcobev variant in the market.

A fairly new market, the RTDs are fast catching up with the momentum, and Radico Khaitan, the name to reckon with in the Alcohol industry, is confident to capture a large share of the pie in India.

“The festive season has always been a great time to introduce new products in the market. The social gathering, events, festivals, and wedding season would result in higher consumption and demand in the coming months. Since the COVID outbreak did not let customers indulge in festivities for the last two years, this year, the festive season looks very promising. We think there could not have been any better time to introduce Vodka Cocktails RTDs in the market.”

Mr Sinha also pointed out
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