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Keep Walking: Johnnie Walker Evokes A Thirst For Exploration And Optimism In The World That Reopens

When the world is daunted with another expected wave of Covid-19, all one needs is hope, expectation but more of it is optimism to ‘keep going’ – an idea that Johnnie Walker, the legendary band propagated through their latest release of the scotch whiskey called “Keep Walking”. This whiskey was built typically to express an inspiration to people around the world to progress and get positive after the long 18-month struggle with the Globe’s historically worse health crisis, which assisted with its not only economic downfall but also social and cultural inequality and persecution.

The new Keep Walking campaign was created by Anomaly, which unleashes the traditional Johnnie Walker icon into a bold new visual identity with eye-catching patterns and brilliant colors. This newness was primarily to invite a newer generation of whisky drinkers, celebrating the sensorial dynamism of the brand and its new blend, conveying a range of cocktails and occasions by breaking down their authentic Scotch conventions creating a desire to discover and explore the brand in a whole new way. The new Anthem is an infectious song that was designed and monitored by the brand Diageo, featuring a feel-good mash-up of famous songs that revolve around the ‘Keep Walking’ theme which has been created to put a spring in people’s steps as they head back into the world once again. The mash-up includes samples of songs including Run DMC and Aerosmith’s Walk this Way, Loretta Lynn’s version of the iconic These Boots Are Made for Walking, and Lou Reed’s 1970s’ classic Walk on the Wild Side.

In the entire sessions of lockdown when people embark with new experiences, the Blended Scotch Whisky became a more vibrant and exciting category for discovery, and with Johnnie Walker itself seemingly a 9% net sales growth in North America in the Fiscal year of 2019 and 2020.

“We are extremely proud to usher in a new era for Johnnie Walker fueled by a dynamic visual identity that is rooted in presenting our products and liquids in a way that creates real desire to explore a new world of experiences available within Scotch,” she further added “Scotch isn’t the staunch drink of our grandfathers anymore. It is an all-encompassing liquid to be enjoyed at any moment you want to celebrate, and we are excited for more people to discover the experiences possible within our portfolio, that represent the attitudes of our drinker – always in motion, constantly exploring and experimenting, pushing boundaries, in order to taste more out of life.”

By Sophie Kelly, Senior Vice President of Whiskies, Diageo North America

 Johnnie Walker along with the Anthem they also unveil the epic ‘city takeovers’, projecting inspiring quotes from cultural trailblazers, over city skylines, and cultural hotspots around the world. The quotes were specifically from the likes of Grace Jones, Mark Twain, and Ayrton Senna will be seen across New York City, Mexico City, Cape Town, Tokyo, Bangkok, and others. The brand on revealing this also will be welcoming more people of legal drinking age into the world of Johnnie Walker through a new brand experience developed with experiential agency Giant Spoon. Johnnie Walker which for over 200 years were committed to a spirit of progress and moving forward, with this new progress the rand ultimately step into the new world, a world where they could help and inspire people to take their next step by reflecting on the energy, words, and thoughts of cultural icons and pioneers who share that spirit.

“Johnnie Walker has always been definitely optimistic and a beacon of progress – that’s what Keep Walking is all about. Keep Walking is two little words that say so much about positivity, possibility, and resilience. After everything we’ve all been through in the past few years, we can’t imagine a time in recent history when those sentiments could be more relevant.”

By Julie Bramham, Johnnie Walker Global Brand Director

The campaign is also expecting to see a series of local partnerships that will drive tangible actions that ‘walk the walk’. In around 20 or more countries across the globe change-makers and artists like DJ Alok (Brazil), CL (Korea) and Alfonso Herrera (Mexico) will join forces with Johnnie Walker to help reinvigorate social spaces like bars, clubs, and venues as the world begin to reopen. This campaign launch comes just after a week of Johnnie Walker opening the door to its new landmark visitor attraction, Johnnie Walker Princes Street, in the heart of Edinburgh, Scotland, giving people a unique and immersive way to experience whisky and socialize together again in the brand’s homeland. In addition to that, it opens its doors to its new landmark visitor attraction, Johnnie Walker Princes Street, in the heart of Edinburgh, Scotland, giving people a unique and immersive way to experience whisky and socialize together again in the brand’s homeland.

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