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Johnnie Walker’s New Johnnie Blonde Whisky Debuts In United States

You’ve probably had or heard of Johnnie Walker if you’re a Scotch fan. It’s the square bottle with the slanty label with the man in the hat prancing around as though he’s Staying Alive.

And it’s something that won’t offend anyone if you bring it to a party. Nobody refuses Johnnie.

Being named after a hard-working farmer, John Walker,  who literally had to sell his farm to open a grocery store where he put the, not so Famous brand on the top shelf. Well talking of the top, Yes JOHNNIE WALKER indeed tops the list of famous scotch in the world.

Johnnie Walker made a ‘sweet’ debut in the name of Johnnie Blonde. Johnnie Blonde is a pleasant Surprise that will dazzle your senses for interested scotch enthusiasts and non-whisky drinkers. If you want a lemonade with a citrus kick in it, throw a fresh slice of orange and Start your new whiskey adventure.

The inspiration behind the Johnnie blonde is to attract new whisky drinkers. According to Diageo, the way people drink is changing, with people socializing sooner and in more relaxed settings, and hence taking more time to enjoy their drinks so Johnnie Blonde is ‘made for this occasion Johnnie Blonde is a lengthy drink that may be blended with lemonade, cola, or ginger.

Head of innovation at Diageo, Michael Ward stated,  “Johnnie Walker has always been built on progress, on a desire to constantly push boundaries and explore new flavors, experiences and serves. Johnnie Blonde is borne out of that same philosophy.”

Blonde has an aroma of Bright berries and toffee, tastes like sweet vanilla and apple sprinkled with caramel, and soothing to your eyes with a bright, smooth, and light appearance.

How did this adventurous drink come into life?

The process begins with malting, Johnie blonde is malted with wheat and other fruity malt whiskies.

When it’s good and ready, the wheat is dried in the kiln. Then the dried cereal is grounded in a mill, all set for the next stage.

Now is the time to extract those vital sugars from the dry wheat by combining them with hot water. This produces a hot, sweet liquid that must be separated and chilled. It’s now time to add the yeast and begin the fermentation process.

The ‘beer-like’ liquid is boiled in a big copper container known as a still after fermentation. The more liquid that comes into contact with the still’s side, the stronger the flavor. It is distilled twice to raise the alcohol content and intensify the taste.

Finally, the last step, which bears about 55% of its effect on the flavour and colour of the finished whisky.

So the whisky is then transferred into American oak casks for a minimum of three years for maturing.

Then, after all of our patience, we are rewarded with a wonderful, clear, and flavorful drink that is ready to be sipped.

Well, thank the Johnnie Walker master blender George Harper who developed this drink and gave us one of the many reasons to enjoy and make our gatherings even more long-lasting than before.

Johnnie Blonde was debuted exclusively in Houston, according to a statement from Johnnie Walker distillers. Houston is one of the most diverse cities in the United States.

“Full of culture, energy, and people seeking discovery through different experiences and exploration, Houston was the perfect destination to bring the lighter, brighter, and refreshing taste of Johnnie Blonde to for the first time,” said the Johnnie walker team and added “In support of the vibrant culture of Houston, and to celebrate the introduction of the new whisky to the city, Johnnie Blonde is partnering with UP Art Studio, a Houston-based public art consulting firm that curates, creates, manages, and implements public art, plans, and projects to uplift people and neighborhoods. ”

Johnnie Blonde was awarded the gold medal in the taste category of the International Spirits Challenge even before being made available to the public. well, that says it all.

Johnnie Blonde will launch in a number of pilot locations throughout the world, including Monterey, Mexico, Curitiba, Brazil, Bangkok, Thailand, Sofia, Bulgaria, and Houston, United States, as well as Germany through several partners. It will be available in these cities in March 2021, with a retail price of US$24.99.

Do you enjoy having a good time and going on adventures? Yes?  then don’t forget to bring this drink with you and enjoy a ‘surprising taste of sunshine.

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