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Jack Daniel’s RTD goes International

Jack Daniel’s the renowned whiskey brand has decided to expand its RTD range in the international markets. Earlier the brand’s canned cocktails ready-to-drink (RTD) were available in the U.S. 

The brand owned by Brown-Forman released the Jack Daniel’s Can Cocktails range in 2020. The release was a big success.

Following the release, the brand reported a successful growth in the U.S. Thus the brand decided to venture into the growing international RTD market.

“We were blown away by the response and demand for our canned cocktails when we launched in select markets nearly two years ago. By pairing the bold and unique flavor of Jack with the convenience of a spirit-based cocktail, we’re giving even more friends the opportunity to enjoy our Tennessee whiskey, right in time for summer.”

By Dallas Cheatham, Jack Daniel’s RTD brand director

Jack Daniel’s Can Cocktail range consists of three flavors of RTDs: Jack & Cola; Jack, Honey & Lemonade; and Jack Apple Fizz. All three expressions will be available nationwide from this month (March). The cocktails range is formulated by using Jack Daniel’s whiskey collection with natural flavors.

  • Jack & Cola

“Looking to enjoy one of the all-time classic drinks?” This combination of real Jack and fizzy cola is perfectly mixed and already ready to drink. It’s like we read your mind.

  • Jack, Honey & Lemonade

Nothing’s quite as refreshing as a perfectly mixed Jack, Honey & Lemonade. Except of course, for a perfectly mixed Jack, Honey & Lemonade that comes in a can. They’re made with real Jack and ready to drink – wherever the cooler may take you.

  • Jack Apple Fizz

A refreshing, light cocktail that balances the taste of Jack with a crisp, Apple taste. Offering the Friends of Jack a way to take their favorite Jack cocktails on the go in a convenient format.

Each RTD cocktail is bottled at 7% ABV each. They were initially only available in 14 markets in the US. A single can is available for purchase at US$3.99, while a pack of four 12oz (355ml) cans retails for US$12.99.

In January, Brown-Forman created distribution businesses in Belgium and Luxembourg and also opened a new office in Brussels.

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