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The Taste Of Cape Town – Sugarbird Distillery

Every distillery has a unique way of producing their spirits. When it comes to gin, the most exciting thing is the combination of botanicals, isn’t it? It’s wonderful how various botanicals that we would find difficult to combine are so easily bonded together by distillers. I personally find delight in gathering knowledge about the delicious and unique spirit range of various brands. This article is dedicated to the wonderful range of Sugarbird Distillery – Cape Fynbos Spirits. Also read along to find out about one of their shining products –  Lean On Me Festive Glitter Gin!

Fynbos x Traditional Gin Ingredients 

Established at the end of 2017, this distillery was built up on the vision of combining floral and citrus notes to produce a gin inhibiting perfect harmony. In addition to this, the team of Cape Town Fynbos wanted to impart a unique twist to the traditional gin we all are accustomed to. The modern world demands innovation along with creativity and that is exactly what they did. The location of the distillery is home to one of the world’s six floral kingdoms – Cape Floral Kingdom. Terms like diversity, rich species and endemism define this region. Being inspired and having access to those botanicals indigenous to the Cape Floral region paved the way for the spirits of Sugarbird Distillery.

Sugarbird & Fynbos – are you wondering what is the significance of these new terms you came across? 

A brown, long-tailed songbird found only in the Cape Floral region. This is the region which is used to forage floral botanicals for the gin’s floral profile. Sugarbird is deemed as an ideal gin ambassador for this ambitious gin. 

Fynbos is a term used to describe natural shrubland or vegetation which primarily consists of Protea, Erica, Restio families etc. ‘Fynbos’ is used in the brand’s name to honor the floral region and the botanicals extracted to produce this gin. 

‘Despite occupying a miniscule ±0.1% of the world’s landmass, it has over 9,000 species (most of which are classified as “fynbos”), 70% of which occur only here at this very South Western tip of Africa. Indeed, it is apt that the bird that is our brand, the Sugarbird, is one of 6 bird species that occurs only in this tiny part of the world where “fynbos” grows – it is especially adapted to do so.’

By Sugarbird Distillery

Their goal was to incorporate traditional gin botanicals like Juniper, Coriander, Angelica etc. with the unique and diverse – Fynbos. Owing to the Doctorate in Science degree of one of the founders, alongside with passion for fynbos. The team conducted experiments with hundreds of fynbos for flavors, color profile, nutritional and other overall aspects. 

The spirit range you’ve been waiting for

Sugarbird Gin – Original Fynbos

  • The concept of traditional gin botanicals mixed with fynbos can be clearly reflected through this floral and citrusy gin. This floral driven gin consists notes of  hibiscus, buchu and rose geranium along with undertones of citrus peel and cape fynbos. 
  • Ingredients – Juniper cones, honeybush, buchu (A. betulina), rose geranium, coriander, grapefruit peel, hibiscus, lemon peel, cardamon, angelica root, orange peel and grains of paradise.
  • The ABV is 43% and it is priced at R 707 (₹ 3278) for 750 ml.

Sugarbird Gin – Juniper Unfiltered

  • Inhibiting an aesthetic purple color released by female juniper cones. A classic combination honoring ‘Juniper at its best’ along with Sugarbird’s fynbos roots. This gin is bestowed with the title of Africa’s first unfiltered gin.
  • Ingredients – Juniper cones, Cape chamomile, Burgundy sunset conebush, Black pelargonium, Scarlet erica, Rose geranium, Cape may, Crimson- eyed hibiscus, Pink grapefruit peel, Blueberry skins, Namibian myrrh, Grains of paradise.
  • The ABV is 43% and it is priced at R 349 (₹ 1618) for 750 ml.

Sugarbird Gin – Pino and Pelargonium

  • A gin based on South Africa’s most famous botanicals. The blend contains Pinotage that imparts a rich color along with three types of geranium. Pelargonium graveolens impart rose fragrance, P. crispum for lemon flavor and P. sidoides for bronchial health benefits. This gin is best described as floral notes combined with fresh piney hints of Juniper.
  • Ingredients – Juniper cones, pinotage grape skins, rose geranium, African geranium, lemon geranium, angelica root, cardamon, grains of paradise, honeybush.
  • The ABV is 43 % and it is priced at R 339 (₹ 1571.78) for 750 ml.

Lean On Me Festive Glitter Gin

  • Launched in September 2021, bestowed with two prestigious awards and giving the perfect Christmas vibes with the shaky glitter! A perfectly balanced gin with undertones of citrus peel, cape fynbos & juniper. It also has distinctive flavors of hibiscus, Rose geranium and a hint of buchu. The ABV is 43% and it is priced at R 235 (₹ 1089.58) for 500 ml.
  • An amazing twist is right on your way now ! If you thought gin was the only specialty of this distillery then let me prove you wrong only to make you happy. 

Sugarbird Brandy – XO

  • A blend of whisky and, you guessed it right – fynbos! 

‘Naturally, we have to source and buy-in liquid that was distilled long ago and has since been being aged in oak barrels. We filter this aged liquid through honeybush and other fynbos botanicals, but otherwise every drop is pure pot-still brandy that is 14 years old. We are proud to add this quality liquid to the Sugarbird stable.’

By Sugarbird Distillery
  • This luscious expression is priced at R 469 (₹ 2174.53) for 750 ml.

Sugarbird Cape Fynbos Rum

  • According to the Sugarbird Distillery – Typical of the processes that define the Jamaican style, our rum speaks of bourbon, coffee and cocoa flavours overlaid with hints of nuttiness, resulting from the long ageing process. Finally there is the addition of fynbos honey which imparts an even nuttier and greater silky finish. Sugarbird Cape Fynbos Rum is one the smoothest craft rums around – ideal for sipping over ice.
  • The ABV is 43% and it is priced at R 359 ( ₹ 1664.51) for 750 ml. 

For more information about this brand or their range of spirits, visit.

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