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Vinexpo confirmed its establishment in the Indian Market

Standing today it won’t be difficult for any of you to identify and deduce the impact of the globe’s worst health crisis that history hasn’t encountered since the Spanish flu of 1918. Millions have died already and millions are suffering still, but the astonishing part is it is not just the Novel Coronavirus that has created such obnoxious circumstances, rather it is the affiliating protocols and problems, be it the isolation, physical contact restriction or the Economic shutdown resulted in the complete and unanticipated change in the scope of our ordinary everyday lives. However, the growing infection also increased the socio-economic and geopolitical issues, also changed market policies leading to a massive socio-cultural and economic distress across the Globe, but the only element that is said to have backed the finance in such a crisis is the Alcohol economy. It is said that Spirit has a strange dichotomic relation with the state – it cannot be owned, and it cannot be disowned either, therefore creation of the new entity in such a monopolistic stand is the golden opportunity for the wine and spirits industry across the board, and the Vinexpo organization has successfully utilized the opportunity.

Rodolphe Lameyse, the CEO of Vinexposium has confirmed their bold plans to launch Vinexpo’s wine and spirit to the Indian market this December in New Delhi in partnership with Indian exhibition company SIAL. As being supported by the leading French wine marketing organizations and the boards of Vinisud and VinoVision Paris with the collaboration of the Vinexpo strategy council, came to the inference that Vinexposium needed to promote itself in the International market despite the tumultuous year for trade show organizers because of the ongoing pandemic. As reported by the Shows- SIAL India, Vinexpo India will take up their typical live show format of Vinexpo on their establishment to the Indian corridors. The show is expected to encompass both wine and spirits, with space for around 20-30 international wine producers alongside Indian producers, culminating in a show floor with around 50 producers in total. Producer stands will run simultaneously a programme of masterclasses and tastings as with Vinexpo’s other shows. It thus provides a unique opportunity to the existing producers and importers including the potential ones to come together under one umbrella for business. The hospitality industry, wine professionals, and journalists are expected to gain immensely from their presence at the Show. 

Lameyse revealed the plans and the outline of his ambition in an interview in March 2021, where he stated that the growth to the Indian subcontinent is the ‘the next big thing’ for Vinexpo international.

In the current international scenario, a gap of 2 years between the two shows is a lot. We want to expand Vinexpo and bring it to untouched continents like India. Being a leader in the market is not following others but opening new paths and new territories. With the Team Vinexposium and our Indian partners, we make a new beginning with the presence of India-the new big Stakeholder.” 

he explained

Even though India being a country where alcohol as wine or fermented juice was consumed for medical purposes in Ayurveda, its consumption is controversial, often a politically sensitive topic among Indians. But the outbreak of pandemic does produce a record that has reversed the idea and demand of alcohol across the country. Today the Indian trade industry and market economy majoritively stand upon the alcohol economy, considering it the core cash. According to the 2020 National Family Health Survey (NFHS) survey records, Indian consumption has reached an estimated 6.5 billion litres in the record, as it is the home of the world’s largest youth population, with over 800 million people under the age of 35, in addition to a growing middle class. Wine Intelligence produced a similar report in 2018, where India was recorded as the leading consumer of spirits, especially whisky but with the growing Western design of idealistic lifestyle and society wine popularity and consuming population continued to grow, along with its domestic wine production, making it the fastest-growing alcoholic beverage in India. Therefore the initiative of Vinexpo to mix both wine and spirits in their show with a special focus on wine as explained by Lameyse is indeed an intense move.

The inauguration show is also expected to get a lot of synergy from the food show SIAL which is a big constraint for most international wine shows across the globe.

I am glad that SIAL and Vinexpo are joining hands in India. This partnership will enlarge our international footprint within India and better serve our communities. Having Food & Wine together will provide a larger offer to all the buyers.

Ms. Adeline Vancauwelaert, Event Director of the world-famous food show, SIAL Paris, emphasized,

This is the first time that SIAL brings Vinexpo’ s live show format to the country. After the success of SIAL, we Believe this is the right time to add a new flavor to the show. After a year of uncertainty in 2020, we are excited to announce this new international exhibition in India.

The MD of Inter Ads Exhibition Rajan Sharma puts,

Inter Ads is an organization that has organized over 100 trade shows and conferences covering 30 industries – including wine – with 17 Joint venture partners, 16 of which have been from Europe and the US and are also organizing the Vinexpo India event. Infect their family started organizing business organizing shows with East European countries in the 1960s. He further added that the collaboration between SIAL India and Vinexpo India is an excellent addition to the Indian business kingdom, making the world and India look forward to this exquisite event.

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