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The Two Trees Pumpkin Spice And Peppermint Wood-Crafted Whiskeys

It’s going to be autumn soon!! Holidays and Halloween are just 2 months away. Halloween calls for TRICK or TREAT. Pumpkins and candies, and costumes, and ghost, and mystery, is waiting this season. Why not bring a spicy liqueur to the celebration indulging in this season’s taste?

Two Trees Beverage Co. Inc. out of North Carolina recently announced two new whiskeys to add to your shelf in the holiday season: Two Trees Pumpkin Spice and Peppermint wood-crafted flavoured whiskeys.

Exceptional Taste with Reduced Environment Footprint

The Two Trees Pumpkin and Two Trees Peppermint whiskeys are wood-crafted. They are created by pairing specific grains with wood varieties that are hand-picked and toasted to what’s described by the brand as perfect char levels. This delivers rich flavour profiles with a hint of smokiness. 

Unique product varieties such as these tend to expand category sales vs cannibalizing existing sales. Our exclusive and proprietary process delivers exceptional taste consistently with differentiation that consumers cannot find anywhere else.

According to The Whiskey Wash, Chad Slagle, Two Trees Beverage Co. CEO

The Distillery has a ‘Whiskey Time Machine’ which makes use of wood chips instead of the aged old barrel technique. The whiskey goes inside the Whiskey Time Machine making use of only 6-10% of the amount of wood that goes into making the 53-gallon barrel. The un-aged whiskey goes inside the Whiskey Time Machine, and after 2 and half hours, you get a rich and dark whiskey which is equivalent to 5 to 6 years whiskey. The spirit is rested for 24 hours in new charred white oak, filtered and stored in bottles. So, instead of a 5-year wait, the spirit is blended, charred, packed, and sent for shipping within 5 days. The wood chips are re-used to make two different products- beer concentrate for bourbon barrel-aged beer programs, and smoking chips for outdoor barbeque and grilling.

Hence, whiskeys are matured in a self-described sustainable way. The process leads to what’s said to be conservation in forestry, reduced emissions, and reduced environmental footprint overall.

We enjoy showcasing our exceptional, intriguing tastes through our Two Trees portfolio and providing great examples of ways that our company can help retailers and other beverage brands diversify portfolios through our third-party manufacturing and private-label capabilities. Companies that are looking to integrate sustainability into product development for adult beverages should contact us for information on our eco-friendly processes that deliver rapidly matured products consistently for profitable growth. By following best practices for maturation, the industry can take a mature approach to the environment and sustainability as well.

According to The Whiskey Wash, Chris Sellers, president of Two Trees Beverage Co.

Tasting Notes

The Two Trees Pumpkin Spice whiskey has the flavour of seasonal pumpkin, toasted cinnamon, ginger, and allspice. 

The Two Trees Peppermint whiskey has a flavour of candy canes and creamy peppermint.

Availability– In 750 mL bottles

ABV– 70 proof, 35%

Both varieties will start shipping to retail and on-premise operations by mid-September. They are available in six-count cases and have a suggested retail price of $21.99 per bottle.

About the Distillery

Two Trees Beverage Co. specializes in alcoholic beverage production and was created as a result of the merger between Prost Beverage Company, RF Kettle Company, and Two Trees Distilling Company. The company aims to create rapid-ageing alcoholic beverages. Deep in Appalachian Mountain country, Two Trees Distilling created a proprietary process that mirrors and accelerates the natural process that occurs when alcohol is aged in wooden barrels over time. The true art of craft spirits lives within the balance between the finest quality grains, pristine Appalachian Mountain water, and the full-bodied perfection from their toasted wood chip varieties. The process leads to what’s said to be conservation in forestry and reduced emissions.

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