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‘The Original’ x Shipyard Gin’s New Launch

Gin – a word so beautiful that every time I write about it, I’m amazed by the variation and the foundation of every gin I’ve come across. The fact is with gin one doesn’t have to worry about ‘the matter’. Gin is like a beverage that sky-rocketed from being the least famous to being one of the most preferred and famous beverages. People engage a lot with everything that is related with this spirit from basics, botanicals, procedure to the history and relevance with today’s modern world.

New gin launches and distilleries can be witnessed every month and to add on to this list – Shipyard Gin has launched a premium craft gin The Original’. Once you read about this gin, you will definitely feel the urge to order one right away!

Let’s sail in the story of Shipyard

Shipyard Gin’s foundation is based on the proximity of the founder Andy Samuel with his grandfather John Samuel. The story of this gin started from Greenock and the name ‘Shipyard’ reminds us of the shipbuilding profession associated with the famous ‘Clyde built’.

Living alongside River Clyde, The Samuels have close ties with the shipyards. Andy Samuel’s grandfather was a platter at Scott’s Shipbuilding. John Samuel had an intriguing hobby of making home-made wine. For which, both John & Andy Samuel would spend their time in parks gathering botanicals like berries and flowers which can be turned into a fine wine. Some of these botanicals have been used in The Shipyard Gin’s recipe. 

When it came to shipbuilding, ‘Clyde built’ stood for quality, skilled craftsmanship and a passion for the craft. It was synonymous with ‘world class’ and known the world over.

Shipyard Gin

This brand was launched by Andy Samuel during the corona pandemic lockdown and the company is based in Gourock, Scotland.

“I’m Inverclyde born and bred and have always had a fascination with the shipyards. When we were younger, we used to go out with my grandpa to pick berries. These are now the botanicals we’re putting into the gin.”

Andy Samuel

‘The Original’ 

This premium craft gin from Shipyard Gin’s is best described as a Scottish gin that consists of botanicals gathered from the banks of the Clyde River. A combination of 4 beautiful botanicals blended to form a citrus-y expression. The botanicals used for making ‘The Original’ :

  1. Juniper – Is a gin a gin without juniper? Could be but juniper to gin is like frosting to a cake. So, Shipyard Gin’s main botanical is juniper.
  2. Seasonal Gorse – According to Shipyard, ‘ A reminder of a Scottish summer with a very distinctive, almost coconut scent. A delicate botanical which produces hints of coconut and vanilla within our gin.’
  3. Elderflower – A delicate flavor botanical which acts as a balancing agent for the citrus and floral notes from the rest of the botanicals. The sweetness in this gin which is similar to notes of honey with vanilla and pear are imparted by elderflower.
  4. Moorland Heather – For people coming across this botanical for the first time, sounds beautiful doesn’t it? Well, the floral notes in this gin are imparted by this botanical, although the quantity of this botanical in the production is less. 

The ABV is 44% and it is priced at £38.00 for 700 ml. To buy this beautiful expression, visit official website.

‘Shipyard Gin® ‘Original’ strives to take these values and create a modern twist to the famous skill and craftsmanship which was once found on the banks of the river where we now hand forage our key botanicals.’

Shipyard Gin
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