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Bare Bone Vodka

The Old Fashioned Honest ‘Bare Bone’ Vodka.

A new entrant in the market with finesse! Bare Bone vodka, a distillery situated in Houston-Texas has produced a vodka with a remarkable concept and unique production methods. This vodka inhibits a smooth taste, owing to the hard work, efforts and attention dedicated over the time period of 3 years. This company has infused the American spirit by getting inspired from one of the famous products in the alcohol industry – Bourbon. 

“The origin of Bare Bone Vodka actually lies in an outlandish bet I made with a group of friends, I challenged them that I could make the best vodka in America—a vodka that would beat any other they would put on the table in a blind taste test. Eighteen months and 82 blends later, I now have six $100 bills framed on my wall.”

Justin McColgan, Bare bone vodka founder

One of the unique highlights of this vodka is its base composition. They created a two-grain mash which includes Texas-grown wheat and corn. The mash bill is the result of incorporating Bourbon ways into their vodka. This vodka is hand-blended in small batches by using locally sourced triple distilled water. When it comes to distilling, Bare Bone vodka wins the game. The corn used in this vodka is distilled 6 times and the wheat is distilled three times. But that’s not all there is to this vodka. Taking things a step higher, the spirit goes through a triple charcoal filtration which imparts the ‘no-nonsense smooth finish’.

There is just so much to encompass when it comes to the ‘Bare bone’ vodka. The production method is hands on the best and definitely brings out the curiosity of the consumers. All the attention poured into crafting this vodka is highlighted through the exceptional taste imparted by it.

 Clean bodied, way too smooth and filled with grainy richness, aromas of citrus peels, vanilla & caramel along with flavors of vanilla, lemon cream & white pepper. This is the description of how this vodka feels on one’s palate and what are the undertones that make it so special. The range of taste drives through citrusy, a tinge of sweetness and ends at hints of spiciness. 

The ABV of this product is 40% and it comes in 750ml quantity. It is available in – Georgia, Texas, Kentucky, Tennessee, South Carolina, Massachusetts, Colorado, and Missouri.

“What makes Bare Bone Vodka special is its grain bill. Similar to that of bourbon, the distinctive use of corn and wheat creates a flavor and texture unrivaled in vodka production. We meticulously choose only the best American grains; vodka and bourbon drinkers alike will be left feeling satisfied.”

Justin McColgan, Bare bone vodka founder

Wondering why the name – Bare Bone? The reason behind such an astonishing name is that they wanted to represent their vodka’s uncompromising taste and something that inhibited the significance of ‘down to earth. So, the name indicates their procedure of putting everything that matters into the vodka. 

Along with all the amazing things about this vodka, the packaging also doesn’t stay behind. The vodka comes enclosed in a beautiful bottle that displays the name of the brand in a very attractive copper coloured font. On the top is the distilling company’s logo – Backyard Spirits Company. The bottle also features the quote – ‘Hand built in Texas with Southern grit’. The back of the bottle has a steer shaped barcode. How cool is that? 

The nutritionally benefits of this spirit are – low calories with zero carbs, fats and sugar. It is certified gluten-free as the distillation process removes 100% of the gluten. 

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