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Sumatra Gin from Birch Gin

The Delicious ‘Sumatra’ x Birch Gin.

There are a lot of botanical combinations when it comes to gin. It ranges from spices , flowers, fruits and a lot of unique ingredients. Every gin is set in such a way that it suits a certain type of palate. This is the reason why everyone has a – this is my favorite gin moment. But do you think that maybe one particular gin would be suitable for all palates? If you think it isn’t possible, let me introduce you to the new launch ‘Sumatra’ a luxurious coffee and cardamom gin with a surprising twist by Birch Gin. 

“It’s rare that I come across a gin for all palates but this is most definitely one of those.”

– Review by Gin Den.

The origin of Birch Gin 

Birch Gin based in England is created by Justin Birch after a lot of dedicated research and time. This brand is based on the recipe curated by the founder Justin. A journey of 10 years made this brand a huge success today. The story started in 2010 when he moved from Singapore to the UK which brought in a drastic change. Inspired by the UK’s craft gin industry, Justin engaged himself into a lot of research and then started making his own gin. His wife Dawn helped as a prime taster in the whole process. 

“Never one to cut corners, I tried every gin-making method before settling firmly on the one-shot method, distilling the exact number of botanicals in one go and never adding concentrate or compounding afterwards. Only 2-3% of the world’s gin is made using this truly special method.”

– Justin Birch.

This ‘one-shot method’ isn’t the only highlight of this gin. The most unique thing about this gin is the use of Birch syrup in it. Birch is a type of deciduous hard-wood tree used for a lot of things. Birch sap is a rare and expensive ingredient extracted from the birch tree. The dark, caramel and spicy syrup is valued for its health benefits. The year 2020 witnessed Justin fulfilling his goal of achieving the flavor and taste, right after that ‘Birch gin’ started gaining recognition. 


A gin without border or rules 

The founder’s note – Birch Gin is made using my recipe. This contemporary, forward-looking gin with bold flavours, superb mouthfeel and a delicious aftertaste is designed to be drunk neat, on ice, with water, with tonic, simply any way you like it! It’s a gin without borders or rules. All the rules, time and effort went into the making of the gin, so the drinking should be hassle-free.

The botanicals used in Birch Gin :

  1. Juniper
  2. Birch Syrup
  3. Coriander
  4. Rosemary
  5. Orris root
  6. Lemongrass
  7. Orange
  8. Lime
  9. Grapefruit
  10. Cardamom
  11. Ginger 
  12. Cinnamon. 

Apart from these 12 botanicals, there is one additional botanical known only to Justin & Andrew. The ABV is 42% for 500ml and it is priced at £35.00. 

The new launch – SUMATRA

The name signifies the use of Sumatra coffee beans and cardamom from the tropical island of Sumatra. These bold flavored botanicals are steeped into the award-winning Birch Gin and the result is luscious and delightful when paired with ginger ale or soda. The brand states not to use tonic water as a pairing component. The first batch was released in November 2021 with only 150 bottles. The ABV is 42% for 500ml and it is priced at £35.00. 

‘This gin was inspired by the countless cups of coffee I enjoyed whilst living in the Middle East and SouthEast Asia.’

– Justin Birch.

The bottle design of birch gin is pleasing with a cylindrical shape and a label drawing with birch trees on it. Elegant, beautiful and aesthetic are some terms that fit this gin’s bottle design. All the necessary information like batch number, botanicals used etc. are stated on the black label. 

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