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Perry Road Peru Bottled Cocktail – Mumbai’s New Vibe!

“You can’t buy happiness, but you can prepare a cocktail. And that’s kind of the same thing.”

Cocktails have always been a stress buster for all. While For the younger generation cocktails are a fun and exciting drink, for the ladies it’s just the right glass of fun. Cocktails are fun, lively, joyful and come in a wide variety, and this is why we all are fond of them.

We all love cocktails, don’t we? But COVID pandemic regulations had barred us from visiting restaurants and bars. And this is where the idea of bottled cocktails kicked in. Finding an excellent opportunity in the market, today many beverage brands are into manufacturing bottled cocktails.

Following the league, two Indian brands, Stranger and Sons and The Bombay Canteen had collaborated to launch a bottled gin cocktail. This lockdown baby was only available for delivery and received an excellent review. Today the makers are all set with the second edition and everybody is on the 7th cloud!

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Stranger and Sons X The Bombay Canteen – A sweet and spicy Collaboration !

Today Indian beverage brands are trying their best to bring out unique drinks for their countrymen. And for them, collaboration is the new technology! A lot of companies are doing a Collab and even more with gin brands as Indians are finally into gins now.

Stranger and Sons and TBC were searching for something nostalgic and rustic for their new product and they realized that there’s nothing better than eating perus with chilli!

“Both TBC and Stranger have been advocating for the cocktail scene in the country. So, when we came together, we wanted to figure out if there was a way to do a bottled cocktail. Having guavas with chilies growing up was a memory that both teams had, so we thought it would be a great ingredient to create the first cocktail with”

Rahul Mehra from Stranger & Sons said

 To spice up the whole feel of the rustic Indian cocktail, the duo has even planned to serve traditional Indian meals along with the drink. They have named the idea “ travelling meals” and have different menus for Mumbai, Goa and Bengaluru including the local ingredients.

Perry Road Peru bottled cocktail – the Pink bliss !

Perry Road Peru is a bottle full of pink magic we always wanted. Although the makers had already planned on releasing it once, the pandemic made them go for the second run.

“It was only supposed to be a one-year release; a limited edition batch for 2020. But because we weren’t able to expand it to an all-India programme [as we wanted to] because of the lockdown, we thought of giving it a comeback.”

Rahul Mehra said

Feeling lucky already? Let’s check out the recipe now!

So this juicy Lucy drink starts with a batch of fresh guavas that are steeped in a still full of gin. These guavas are then peeled and macerated for around six hours, post which they are sent for distillation that goes on for the next 18 hours. Next, the drink is  Clarified, bottled and manufactured for it to be supplied to the markets. It’s recommended to serve the drink in a highball glass over ice with a hint of chilli and salt on the top.

Perry Road Peru is priced at INR 2,999 plus delivery charges, but this can vary according to the cities.

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