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smirnoff mango passionfruit for christmas

Smirnoff’s new range of vodka is here to light up your Christmas!

Vodkas are no more TASTELESS! But fresh, fruity and vibrant! 

Looking at the love Smirnoff’s raspberry crush received this summer, the brand has planned something exciting for Christmas as well. New Smirnoff Mango and Passionfruit twist flavored vodka is about to land in the markets soon and fans are super excited for it.

Here’s the full story!

Smirnoff’s flavorful journey!

"There`s vodka and then there`s Smirnoff"

Smirnoff started its beautiful journey of producing iconic vodkas when Pyotr Smirnov first opened a vodka distillery in Moscow in the year 1864. Today the legendary Smirnoff is owned by a British company named Diageo and is spread across 130 countries. 

From a small distillery to the world’s largest vodka brand, Smirnoff has come a long way. More reasons why this brand is everybody’s favorite is because it keeps on bringing the unexpected flavors of their spirits which come as a surprise to the vodka lovers. 

From blueberry and cherry to coconut and caramel Smirnoff offers a variety of interesting flavours for vodka lovers.

Legendary vodka X Fruity twist : Smirnoff’s new mango and Passionfruit vodka:

Smirnoff has been launching new flavors of their vodka to increase their flavor portfolio. The newest inclusion in the list are mango and Passionfruit that are going to hit the markets soon.

“We have strong ambitions for our growing flavor range and are excited to be bringing a brand new variant to our customers following the successful launch of Raspberry Crush as well as growing consumer demand.”

Nick Payman, head of Smirnoff GB, Diageo, said

As per the makers the drink has a refreshing and fruity twist that is blended well with the mildness of vodka. The drink will taste best when served as a long drink over ice stirred with lemonade and fruit garnishes. Classic drinks like martini would present these new vodka flavors in a much better way.

 “Smirnoff never shies away from standing out from the crowd and as we know vodka flavours are growing at a rapid rate, there is a huge opportunity to continue expanding and developing our portfolio,”

Payman added.

 The drink has been proven to be 37.5% ABV and will be available in the UK stores from the 3rd of November, 2021. Each bottle would carry 700ml of product which will be sold at $22.48. 

 Passionfruit & Mango Caipiroska- A fun cocktail!


60 ml  Vodka; 15 ml Simple Syrup; 1 Lime Cut into quarters or eighths; 2-3 bar spoons Passionfruit Pulp; 1 slice Mango


Add the lime pieces to your mixing glass. Muddle the lime to extract the juice. Add the remaining ingredients including Smirnoff flavoured vodka. Shaken with ice. Pour it into an old fashioned glass. Garnish with a passion fruit half and some mango chunks.

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