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Shane warnewith 708 gin

SevenZeroEight Gin: launched by Shane Warne.

Nowadays, along with new distilleries and brands venturing their way into the alcohol market. Celebrities too are taking a keen interest in this ever-growing beneficial field. Launches like these highlight a particular country, its culture, tradition and open new opportunities globally. To honour the name of Australia, the International sportsman – Shane Warne has launched his award-winning ‘SevenZeroEight(708)’ Gin in the United States of America. Wondering how the reviews turned out? Read to find out.

“In sport, you strive for innovation and the pursuit of excellence. I’m proud to bring that same passion for excellence to my gin collection. Our dedicated SevenZeroEight Gin team in Western Australia strives to bring you a premium product using only the best ingredients and sustainable practices.”  

– Shane Warne.

Known as the ‘King of Spin’ for his game-changing bowling technique and notable achievements, Shane Warne achieved an astonishing record of 708 wickets in his Test career. This number imparted an enormous significance in the world of cricket. Well, you guessed it right! 708 wickets are the inspiration behind the brand’s name – SevenZeroEight Gin. A number close to Shane Warne’s heart and now poses as the brand name for his luscious gin collection.

This multiple award-winning gin is produced in Western Australia and is known for some popular achievements like a Gold Medal Award at the international consumer-judged 2020 SIP Awards, Silver Medals at the 2020 World Gin Awards and 2020 London Spirits Competition, and Gold at the 2019 Australian Gin Awards.

Everything you need to know about the 708 gin :

This popular & classic dry gin is made with utmost care and attention to minute details. The process includes infusing and distilling a special blend of Juniper, herbs and spices for 24 hours which results in a rich botanical spirit. To add more superiority, the distilled spirit is slowly infused with purified water for a period of one month which results in a premium quality spirit with a hats-off balance in flavour profile.

“A good classic nose, sweet luscious balanced palate experience with an intriguing dry finish.”

Australian Gin Awards Judges.

Locally foraged while inhibiting the qualities of sustainability, the botanicals that impart the 708 gin flavor are – Juniper, Angelica Root, Cardamom, Coriander, Citrus, Orris and other excellent herbs. This gorgeous expression has a smooth finish with subtle hints of citrus and thyme. The ABV is 43% and it is priced at $79.99 for 700ml. 

This gin comes packed in a cylindrical bottle allowing a clear view of the insides. The simplicity of the design is what imparts an aesthetic value to the overall gin. The label comprises white colour and necessary things like brand name, ABV, ML, origin etc. written in black and red. The highlight of the label is the signature of one of the most respected cricketers as well as a notable commentator – Shane Warne’s signature. 

The team of 708 is absolutely remarkable. To honour Shane Warne’s inspirational number 23, 708 gin team produced – 23 Mid-Strength, Low-Calorie Gin. This gin’s ABV is 23% which signifies the number 23 and it is priced at $60.00. On the palate, this gin imparts zesty notes of lemon and lime with a herbal, light finish. If you observe your calorie intake plus and you love gin, this product is for you!

In addition to the beautiful duo, 708 Gin’s collection includes:

  1. SevenZeroEight Collection Pack
  2. 23 Mid-Strength Gin & Slim Tonic Cans- 24 x 250ml Carton
  3. Limited Edition Barrel Reserve Gin.
For more information on SevenZeroEight’s luscious collection, visit -
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