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Proof & Wood Ventures releases Seasons 2021 whiskey

Proof & Wood Ventures Inc. recently released a limited edition whiskey: Seasons 2021. Seasons 2021 whiskey reflects a Tennessee Bourbon whiskey from 2003 which had spent 72 seasons in a barrel; a long-aged spirit in making.

Proof and Wood’s Founder Dave Schmier explained that spring, summer, fall, and winter each generate temperatures that affect how the spirit in a barrel cycles through the wood and how it can change the flavor of the juice.

“These four 18-year-old barrels had amazing savory deep flavors and spicy cinnamon and cigar notes, but were certainly leaning towards the edge of being overly woody. While it was tempting to bottle them as single barrels, ultimately blending these ancient barrels with some younger and sweeter whiskies created a whiskey that is better than the sum of its parts.”

Seasons 2021 is made from a blend of four spirits: 2003 Tennessee bourbon, 2007 American light whiskey distilled in Indiana, 2015 bourbon (75% corn, 21% Rye, 4% barley) distilled in Indiana and 2013 99% corn whiskey distilled in Kentucky.

The official tasting notes show that the corn whiskey and bourbon offer a sweeter counterpoint to the musty notes of the older Tennessee bourbon, allowing the desirable older flavors to be highlighted as well as balancing out some of the harshnesses of the wood.

And Schmier said that the American light whiskey does a good job of bridging the gap, bringing some more lightness and fruit-like flavor to the blend while still adding some spicy cinnamon and clove-like notes to the finish of the product.

Seasons 2021 whiskey is released as a limited-edition whiskey and is a part of the Curated Collection Series.

Originally, the whiskey was set to be released in 2021, but due to the supply chain and production issues, the launch was delayed until 2022.

Approximately, Seasons 2021 is available for a thousand bottles stock. The whiskey is available for a suggested retail price of $200 in select national distribution across the US.

Proof & Wood Ventures invests in and develops spirits brands, and ages their spirits.

“Our name comes from the two things we control as a blender and finisher of fine spirits, and the two things that are incredibly important to any spirit’s flavor: the proof it’s bottled at, and the wood of the barrel we age it in. That is who we are.”

By Schmier
For more information on their spirits or how to get a bottle, check out 

Proof & Wood Ventures Inc was recently awarded the American Icons of Whiskey 2022 – Independent Bottler, by American Whiskey Magazine.

Cheers to Seasons 2021!!!

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