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Carlow Counting Days Irish whiskey

Carlow Counting Days Irish whiskey makes its debut

Anora Group recently launched its first Irish whiskey: Carlow Counting Days. The debut is part of the new brand Carlow in Sweden under the Anora Group.

Carlow brand is focused on making non-traditional and modern Irish whiskey that works for everyone. Anora Group announced that the brand offers a series of ‘playful and innovative whiskey-based drinks from Ireland’. The brand seeks to introduce new flavours and a ‘new attitude to the traditional whiskey world’. All new expressions in the range use whiskey from County Carlow in the southeast of Ireland as its base.

Carlow Cuttings Botanical Spirit is the first product launched under the Carlow brand of the Nordics group. This expression was the first of three products to be launched in the Nordics by the brand. The expression is smooth and fruity with aromas from herbs including thyme, yarrow, linden flower, and rosemary, supported by a fresh citrus kick.

After the launch of Carlow Cuttings in the range, Carlow Counting Days follows the release, which is described as a ‘light whiskey with a smooth, appealing, and fruity taste’.

Carlow Counting Days Irish whiskey has been aged for 1,097 days in ex-Bourbon barrels. A touch of whiskey from Carlow aged for 1,462 days has also been added to the blend. The Irish whiskey clocks at 43% ABV.

The resulting liquid offers a ‘naturally fruity style’ with hints of vanilla and toffee from the Bourbon cask. Anora Group recommends serving the whiskey neat or mixed with ginger ale over ice.

“Carlow wants to make whiskey more playful. With our first launch in Sweden, Carlow Counting Days, we present a whiskey with a soft and fruity taste, which gives a completely new whiskey experience. Carlow is a ‘new world of whiskey’.”

By Oskar Johansson, senior brand manager.

Carlow Counting Days Irish whiskey is available to buy in Sweden. The whiskey is priced at SEK 279 (US$22.50) per 700ml bottle.

About Anora 

Anora is a leading wine and spirits brand house in the Nordic region and a global industry forerunner in sustainability.

Anora was born through the merger of two companies: Altia and Arcus in 2021. The company owns a broad portfolio of iconic brands, including Koskenkorva, Linie, Larsen, Skagerrak, Chill Out, Ruby Zin, Wongraven, O.P. Anderson, and Falling Feather. The group’s key brands are exported to over 30 markets globally. The company’s partner portfolio includes noted wines, such as Masi, Laroche, Penfolds, Louis Roederer, and Fumees Blanches, as well as well-known spirits brands, like Jack Daniels, Fireball, Fernet Branca, Jose Cuervo, and Underberg. Together with the strong partners, the company brings the world of drinks to the Nordics. The company’s other business operations include world-class industrial operations in distillation, bottling, and logistics services as well as the production of technical ethanol products, neutral potable ethanol, feed components, and barley starch. In 2021, Anora’s pro forma net sales were EUR 665 million.

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