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Epic Western debuts new flavors of RTD

San Antonio’s Epic Western Cocktail Co. debuts two new tequila cocktails in a can: La Paloma and Chispa Rita. The release is a part of the brand’s expansion in the U.S. market distribution. 

Chispa Rita is a skinny margarita RTD, and La Paloma is a grapefruit tequila cocktail. Both the Chispa Rita and La Paloma are made with 100% blue agave tequila and imported from Arandas, Jalisco, Mexico. 

“Chispa Rita is a bright and balanced take on a skinny margarita and contains zero sugar. La Paloma impresses with an authentic grapefruit nose and a silky tequila back end.”

According to PRNewswire

 “We think these two new cocktails will reach a broader audience given they are well-known cocktails and come in at 8% ABV.” 

By Adam Love, Co-Founder, and CEO

Epic Western Ranch Water

Epic Western also released Ranch Water Tequila canned cocktail in 2021 at the Texas market. Ranch Water cocktail starts by using a 3oz pour of 100% Blue Agave Blanco Tequila. The tequila is supplied from a family of tequileros in Jalisco, Mexico.  Then the tequila is rounded out with the perfect balance of mineral water, lime, and a dash of salt. The RTD is distilled, canned, and packaged in Mexico and imported back to the U.S.

Epic Western Ranch Water has been on the market for 9 months now and sales have surpassed the Co-Founders’ expectations. The company is already selling Ranch Water in Nevada and plans to extend its distribution to Colorado, New Mexico, Kansas, Tennessee, Georgia, and South Carolina by the end of the summer.  

About Epic Western Cocktail Co.

“Our mission is to give consumers the best tasting, healthiest spirits-based RTD cocktail they can find. We simply weren’t going to start the company if we couldn’t make our RTD cocktails in a can taste exactly how we make them at home.”

By Love

Epic Western Cocktail Co. was co-founded by three Texas entrepreneurs: Adam Love, Royce Itschner, and Dub Sutherland in 2021. The idea for the company was born while they were mixing Ranch Waters for 30-40 wingshooters in a dove field in South Texas.  After tasting various RTD cocktails they were disappointed with the chalky taste. The three entrepreneurs wanted to present an RTD cocktail in a can to the world. They wanted to create a taste that can be almost similar to how a tequila cocktail at home will taste like. Thus, they took a plane to Jalisco and created the Epic Western Co. Today, the company has grown from 4 full-time employees to 12 in the last two months, including the addition of James Elledge as Chief Marketing Officer.

Summer is approaching and Epic Western is all set to bring you the two new flavoured RTDs to enjoy at home with comfort. The taste in the RTDs is not compromised and tastes great!!

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