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Pernod Encourages People To Drink More Water

As part of a new global digital campaign against excessive drinking, Pernod Ricard, the Spirits giant is encouraging young individuals to drink more. Well, this campaign is for persuading young adults to “drink more water” instead.

The “Drink More… Water” Campaign

The campaign, “Drink more…water” is based on the Responsible Party Initiative. Established in 2009, the initiative aims to prevent the misuse of alcohol among young adults. The goal is to let young adults know that there is no fun in drinking excessively. It is also meant to empower them so they can make good life choices on their own through the peer-to-peer approach.

The Absolut Vodka maker pointed out that one of the initiative’s core elements has always been water, as it is one of the ways that can be used in minimizing harmful drinking. The “Drink more…Water” campaign was launched on Thursday 29, July 2021 in the Netherlands, Germany, the UK, Greece, Belgium, Kenya, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Columbia, and Mexico

Responsible Party Programme

‘Sharing Good Vibes’, the first digital prevention campaign by the Responsible party was launched at the start of the pandemic. It is to help fight binge drinking and encourage responsible consumption of alcohol among students in Europe. The campaign in 33 countries reached 6 million people in over six months.

The Responsible Party program is non-branded. The program is based on the idea that events even get better when enjoyed responsibly. Since its launch, it has successfully reached 450,000 students in 33 countries. Because of the success rate, Pernod Ricard pledged to use the program to reach at least 1 million young adults before 2030.

The Campaign Strategy

This international print and digital campaign are spearheaded by award-winning agency Buzzman. As the Responsible Party decided to intensify its effort against the harmful use of alcohol, the campaign first appeared in Latin America, Belgium, Germany, and the UK before expanding to other countries.

As restaurants, clubs, and bars reopen after a period of minimal contact due to the Covid-19 pandemic, young adults are at risk of consuming alcohol excessively. This is harmful, and the campaign is expected to curb any of the excesses to the minimum.

In a press statement, Buzzman wrote: “We’ve all seen that one guy blacked out in a corner at a party with drawings all over his face, the guy who ends up in fights with road signs on the street, or the guy who falls asleep at the bar… Don’t want to be that guy? Drink more… water.”

What Pernod Ricard Said About The Campaign

“This ambitious campaign reflects the new digital dimension of our Responsible Party program. By addressing young adults with codes that are specific to them, we will expand the reach of our message across many countries in an impactful way.”

Alexandre Ricard (The CEO of Pernod Ricard)

Pernod Ricard also published a podcast earlier this year. The podcast highlight the partnerships with its Irish Distillers branch. For the first time in nine months of fiscal 2021, the French drinks group saw growth in their organic sales return.  As a result of the acceleration of on-trade, the company raised its profit forecast for fiscal 2021 by 16%.

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