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Maxim Schulte’s Laiba Special Edition #01 Launched

Summer’s going on… Want to hang out at the nearest bar to get some refreshing cocktails, but the pandemic blues stopping you? Don’t fret this recent collab will remove your worries and take you on a cool vacation.

Bartender Maxim Schulte has collaborated with Laiba Beverages to produce Laiba’s new line of ready-to-drink bottled cocktails. The set is the first cocktail launch in Laiba’s Special Edition collection, through which the brand will team up with well-known mixologists to create the ultimate, premium cocktail range.

About the Maxim Schulte and Laiba beverages Collaboration

Maxim Schulte, the former head bartender of the American Bar at The Savoy, now runs London’s Kol Mezcaleria. He previously worked in several prominent hotel bars in Asia, and first met Laiba CEO and co-founder Alexander Petersen through a mutual friend in Bangkok.

Maxim never had a bottled cocktail before because the freshness of cocktails made by bartenders cannot be replaced. But after having Laiba’s bottled cocktails drinks on the Bangkok trip, Maxim recounts his experience as fantastic. He was captivated by the drink. Later, they both got in contact with each other and started this cool partnership.

My Laiba Special Edition reflects my experience previously in Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Macau, really showcasing Asian flavors and what they can do in a cocktail.

By Schulte

If I can make someone leave my bar happier than when they have entered, my job had a purpose on that evening. You know, taking drinks seriously sometimes is spoiling the fun, is spoiling the experience that’s one of the reasons why I really want to do Piña Colada.

According to a video on Youtube about the inspiration

Special Edition #01 Cocktails: The Details

Special Edition #01 set features six 90ml bottles: Three bottles of a cocktail called Oriental Reviver, and Three bottles of the Piña Colada Old Fashioned.

Oriental Reviver is a twist on the classical Corpse Reviver No. 2 that was invented in the American Bar at The Savoy; and features gin, a little bit of triple sec, and mandarin. “The mandarin replacing the citrus is connected to my past of working for a long time in Asia and really loving the continent, the people, the culture, and the flavours,” Maxim explained.

Meanwhile, the Piña Colada Old Fashioned is a riff of the absolute favourite tropical summer drink of Piña Colada. This version has rum, pineapple, and coconut with a little bit of sweetness and sour.

“This version, you can have literally on any day because it comes in a bottle, just pour it over ice. A drink that brings back a lot of fun memories.”

By Schulte

The set is priced at £59 (US$81.17), available to order on the Laiba Beverages website.

About Laiba Beverages

Laiba Beverages was launched in Asia in 2017. The business is the teamwork of Michael Chen, previously the bar manager of Sydney’s The Roosevelt, along with Petersen, Mark Connolly, and Lars Battefield. Its products are now available in the UK, with plans to hit the global market this year. LAIBA has a range of handcrafted bottled cocktails that use only natural ingredients: including award-winning craft spirits and cold press juices, that, through natural remedies, have reached a shelf life of 18 to 36 months.
All of the cocktails are designed and crafted to Michael’s original recipes, finished in the bottle – ready to serve. This means that you just need to put ice in a glass, pour the cocktail, and add garnish. With LAIBA, it only takes 30 seconds; start to finish, making a world-class cocktail. Laiba cocktails are three-time award winners from the prestigious San Francisco World Spirit Awards.

Cheers! Coz Drinks are fun!! Beat the heat with the Special Edition #01 cocktails for the award-winning, flavourful experience.

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