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Legends of Bowmore x An illustrated Series – No corners to hide

A distilled alcoholic beverage made from a fermented grain mash can be quite delicious and I feel all of us admit to being drawn more than we intended to a certain expression of whisky. There are different regions, stories, flavors, designs, procedures and all of this attracts consumers very easily. The term that catches our attention first would be? The age of the whisky. It is intriguing how well developed a whisky is, thinking about the time that spirit spent within a fine cask producing a still harmony. Distilleries often do something special to mark their meaningful anniversaries or to celebrate their legacy. The essence of Islay – Bowmore Distillery launched their all-new – An illustrated series ‘No Corners To Hide’ inspired by the legends of Bowmore. Join in the experience of this visual and sensory masterpiece. 

The essence of Islay – Bowmore Distillery. 

As Bowmore distillery states ‘ The art of time Since 1779’ a legend portraying the essence of Islay for more than 200 years. Honouring the traditional ways, the whiskies at Bowmore are still handcrafted and produced by following the tradition of whisky passed down from the predecessors. The first licensed Islay distillery is situated on the shores of Lochindaal, the west coast of Scotland. Time, the very crucial concept, is invested at every stage with the utmost care and attention to little details. These three variables have a huge impact on Bowmore’s success as well as those delicious flavors.

‘Shaped by centuries of skill and tradition, Bowmore’s single malt harnesses the power of this time in every single drop, defined by the past and savoured in the present.’

Bowmore Distillery. 

Bowmore’s inspiration is its gorgeous surroundings. Some of the oldest strata in the world belong to the land of Islay, transformed by seasons and enriched by wild elements of nature. These ancient and gorgeous rocks surround the distillery and have a part in the distillery’s name. 

Some historians believe the name Bowmore to be derived from a small black reef just outside Lochindaal whilst others reference the Norse for sunken rock, bogha mor, as its origination. Whichever may be true, there is a strong link back to our home and heritage which ‘Art of Time’® both qualifies and celebrates.

– Bowmore Distillery

No Corners To Hide x Frank Quitely. 

This illustrated series captures Bowmore’s past, legends and the story that flows from water to whisky. Islay is known to be a place of rich legends and myths. To relive and put some shine on those captivating legends, Bowmore Distillery made a unique collaboration with graphic artist Frank Quitely, who has illustrated for Marvel and DC Comics. This limited-edition series contains two luxurious expressions – stunning single malts aged 23 and 32 years old, which are exclusively available in selected travel retail stores. 

The 23-year-old

Nurtured for 21 years in ex-bourbon American oak hogsheads which creates the signature style of Bowmore. Furthermore, two years of harmonizing maturation in Essencia® barriques significantly contributes to the bonding of distinctive character with the rich-legends of the past. According to Bowmore, ‘This captures a hint of beeswax, a scent of incense and a struck match to transport the senses to Bowmore’s round church. Whilst sweet flavours of golden syrup, acacia honey and marzipan combine with the unmistakable subtle peat smoke, adding tingling medicinal and spice to the nose.’ Each bottle is decorated by Frank Quitely’s innovative illustrations and gorgeous sketches. The ABV is 51.5% for 700ml.

  • 23 Year Old (51.5%)
  • COLOUR: Deep Gold
  • NOSE:  Medicinal, floral, and spicy, with fragrance of white roses, peonies, sweet peas, and gardenias.
  • TASTE: Sweet notes of golden syrup, acacia honey and marzipan with peaty sooty taste and oily peppery mouthfeel.
  • FINISH: Creamy, lightly salty, and spicy.
  • 6666 bottles only

The 32-year-old

30 years spent in ex-bourbon American oak hogsheads signifies the bonding of spirit and cask within the value of time. Followed by two years in Essencia® barriques which brought out an unusually distinctive character to the fore. According to Bowmore, ‘ Evolving to Seville orange peel merged with the aromas of an old cigar box, but with sweet and floral interjections and finishing with a touch of liquorice and iodine, intriguing and ingenious in equal measure. Each bottle comes complete with a signed print from Quitely, alongside original sketches and notes from the whisky-making process.’ The ABV is 47.3% for 700ml. 

  • 32 Year Old (47.3%)
  • COLOUR: Burnished Gold
  • NOSE:  Zesty Seville orange peel, old cigar box, Manuka honey, salted caramel, and light gorse flower.                     
  • TASTE: Touch of liquorice, sweet fresh tobacco, oak spice, nutmeg, peppercorn and cloves, vanilla, peat smoke and iodine.
  • FINISH: Mouth warming, dry grass, and subtle smoke.
  • 666 bottles only.

The Myth illustrated by Frank Quitely :

‘As the story goes, back in 1837, on a clear winter’s evening, the devil visited the church in Bowmore. This is no ordinary church.  Strikingly round in shape, purposely built, in preparation for such a visit as there were no corners in which the devil could hide.   Despite the best efforts of the local congregation who chased the devil from the church to the Bowmore distillery where they bolted the gates and locked the doors,  the search proved fruitless and the devil had vanished. That night, The Maid of Islay, a small paddle steamer used for transporting Bowmore whisky, was loaded with casks for the mainland. The devil was never found, but it’s believed that he hid himself in a cask, where ironically, there too are no corners to hide.’

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