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Jimmy’s Gin Cherry Sour: Jimmy’s Cocktails x Greater than Gin

India’s fastest growing mixer brand, Jimmy’s Cocktails and Greater than, India’s first craft Gin brand have partnered together to launch an exclusive cocktail mixer: Jimmy’s Gin Cherry Sour.

Jimmy’s Gin Cherry Sour cocktail is the first signature mixer made at Jimmy’s Cocktail Labs crafted by master mixologist, Yangdup Lama. 

Gin Cherry Sour mixer is finely crafted with authentic Turkish sour cherries, finest limes and balanced with the subtle spiciness of ginger. The Cherry Sour cocktail is infused with natural flavours and has zero artificial sweeteners. Jimmy’s provides a convenient & consistent solution for serving a delicious Gin Cherry Sour cocktail – the perfect alternative to Tonic Water.

“Finding the right sour cherry was critical for this. We sampled many, finally zeroed in on a particular variety from Turkey which had the perfect balance of sweet and tart. When poured over ice or served chilled mixed with Greater Than Gin, the Cherry Sour delivers a perfect balance of sweet & sour with a lingering long finish of the ginger spice making it a well-rounded cocktail, perfect for all seasons.”

According to Yangdup Lama, Head of Product, Jimmy’s Cocktails.

“The team at Jimmy’s has been lighting up the beverage space, and we’ve been big admirers of how they’ve managed to add a new dimension to at-home-drinking. We participated in the Gin Cherry Sour trials alongside the legendary Yangdup Lama and are thrilled that this Jimmy’s x Greater Than collaboration is finally ready to hit the shelves.”

By Anand Virmani, Co-founder and Distiller at Greater Than

The mixer has low calories per serve and clocks at 0% ABV.

Jimmy’s Gin Cherry Sour is available for pre-book purchase at Rs.99/- per 250ml bottle. The expression is exclusively available nationwide and soon will be hitting select retail stores across India. The mixer is available as a set of 4, 8 12 and 24-pack formats.

The Gin Cherry Sour is the seventh cocktail mixer from Jimmy’s Cocktails. The cocktail mixer can be served with Gin or, can be enjoyed straight up on the ice as a Non-Alcoholic Mocktail.

Jimmy’s Cocktails was founded by Ankur Bhatia and Nitin Bhardwaj. The co-founders wanted to bring a world-class craft cocktail experience to consumers’ homes at a convenient and affordable price point. Presently, the brand has become the fastest-growing brand in the new and upcoming spirits mixers category. The product range mixers include- Bloody Mary, Lime Margarita, Cosmopolitan, Mango Chilli Mojito, Sex On The Beach, and Whiskey Sour.

Greater Than is a Gin brand that is a part of Nao Spirits. The homegrown spirit company is a brainchild of Anand Virmani, Aparajita Ninan, and Abhinav Rajput. The brand has a distillery in Goa that produces India’s first London Dry Gin and the world’s first Himalayan Dry Gin. Greater than gins can be found in 9 states in India, and 16 countries across the world.

Jimmy’s Cherry Sour Gin can be enjoyed by both kids and adults as it contains the natural sweetness of the ingredients, has low calories and 0% alcohol content. You can enjoy the drink as a Mocktail over ice for non-alcoholic drinks or mix it with your favourite Gin over ice for a perfect Summer Evening Cocktail.

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