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Cana One

Cana One: Maximum Taste, Minimum Waste

Cana One is the world’s first molecular beverage printer to create your personalized drinks at home without buying more cans or bottles. With this innovation, scientists have targeted reducing the waste created from bottle packages. The result of Cana is you get a drink that is similar to a canned or bottled drink. 

Every beverage is made up of water, sugar, alcohol, or flavour compounds, which if varied produce different drinks. Cana scientists have figured out how to identify and isolate those molecules that drive flavor and aroma to recreate thousands of drinks – without moving bottles filled mostly with water around the world. This is the idea behind Cana One.

The average American household uses over 3,500 beverage containers per year. Less than 20% get recycled.

A simple system to rule them all

Cana One’s cartilage is designed in a special way to deliver thousands of drinks with virtually zero waste as compared to the conventional beverage system. Scientists announced that Cana combats to eliminate the packaging waste of the beverage industry. Cana One is the world’s first molecular beverage printer that combines all-natural ingredients with novel technologies that dispense compounds at the millilitre level of accuracy. The system rebuilds each beverage at the molecular level using hundreds of ingredients — all within a single ingredients cartridge. The sugar and spirits cartridges complete the system, and all are automatically shipped to the customers. The result is an infinite variety of chilled and carbonated beverages in less than 30 seconds. 

The customers can customize and personalize every beverage using a 7-inch touchscreen, or from their mobile phone. The cartilages contain a ratio of CO2, beverage of choice, sugar, and water. Over-the-air software updates ensure the customer always gets the latest updates, brands, and fun experiences.

The drinks which can be made include Iced coffee, Sparkling Water, Iced Tea, Energy Drinks, Sports Drinks, Hydration Water, Sparkling Wine, Soft Drinks Hard Seltzer, Cocktails, and Wine. Cana One offers to serve you at all times, starting the morning with a smooth cold brew or a vitamin-enriched energy drink to pouring a wide range of wines, cocktails, and tasty hard seltzers to unwind at night time.

“In your pantry, you’ve got sugar, salt, baking soda, butter. You can use those same ingredients to make different things, whether it’s cake or cookies, or muffins. You just change the amount of each ingredient you use. Our perception of aroma, taste, and even mouthfeel is influenced by just a subset of molecules of any beverage. Take a whiskey, for example; there might be 400 discrete ingredients, we as humans can only discern 30. So if we’re creating a drink, we only need to work with those 30. That’s the magic here — we’ve reduced the number of compounds to create any beverage.” (The ingredients in Cana’s cartridges are all FDA approved.”

By Cana’s CEO Matt Mahar

“Developed by vets of Nike, Anheuser-Busch InBev, Google, Apple, and various food tech companies, Cana claims their machine was built to solve the issue of plastic waste. Instead of the carbon-intensive processes that go into the creation and distribution of most of our cold beverages, Cana wants to eliminate all of that (and frequent trips to the grocery store) with a single device, a smart app, and a few re-usable cartridges… Mahar compares installing the ingredients cartridge to putting tape in an old-school VCR. Depending on the drink you select — the press material suggests that could be in the thousands — the tiny ingredient capsules/wells dispense microscopic amounts of whatever flavor is needed, working in tandem with the other cartridges.“

According to Inside Hook

Why this breakthrough is necessary?

 The reports status suggests:

  • The average American household uses 3,500 beverage containers per year but only less than 20% get recycled. The rest becomes waste. 
  • 400 Trillion Liters of water are used to grow and process beverage ingredients worldwide
  • 543 Million Tons of CO2 is caused by creating, packaging, and shipping beverages around the globe. 

Cana One represents the first step in decentralizing manufacturing, bypassing the beverage and bottling industry’s trash-generating and carbon-intensive manufacturing systems.

 You don’t have to order another can or bottle for your favorite drink. You can order the same cartilage drink from your last order. The company will recycle the previous cartilage and hence zero waste.

The per-drink pricing for Cana One is estimated to be anywhere from $0.29 to $2.99 per drink. And the device will theoretically eliminate the need for more than 100 beverage containers per month, which would reduce CO2 emissions, water waste, and the use of plastic and glass containers. For now, those ingredient cartridges are expected to last a family of three about a month, and the machine can auto-order replacements as needed, reported by Inside Hook. 

 “Whenever you bring something new to the market, there’s a bit of an explanation or education process. We need this to kick ass and be ten times better than what’s out there. We’re competing with the idea of going to the grocery store and walking down an aisle. To that end, the company is putting a heavy focus on tutorials, curation, and using both the app and the device’s video screen to create a more personal and “people-led” experience. We’ve essentially created an in-house beverage creation platform. If a brand went to a flavor supplier, it might take them eight months to a year to do what we can do now in two months.” 

According to Mahar

The device is available for pre-order now for$99 a reservation fee. $499 is the cost for the first 10,000 orders and $799 regular price thereafter. The shipping will be delivered in early 2023. 

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