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Fruity Flavored Compass Box’s New Scotch Whisky Blend Announced

Compass Box brings the summer back with their new blended Malt Scotch Whisky collection- The Orchard House. Orchard House is a blended mix of some of the fruitiest malt whiskies of Scotland including whiskies from the Linkwood and Clynelish Distilleries and blended by whisky maker John Glaser in the distillery’s casks. The result is a fragrant, fruity, and balanced scotch whisky having a blend of exotic Scottish whiskies. The Compass Box describes the whisky as “Fruit Forward, Spirit Driven” Scotch. 

Lead whisky maker, James Saxon, explained the blend of Orchard House using the following Scotland whiskies:

2% – The Caol Ila Distillery

First Fill Bourbon Barrel
Single Malt
Smoke, Almond, Vanilla

2% – Highland Malt Blend

Custom French Oak Barrel – Heavy Toast
Blended Malt
Chocolate, Cinnamon, Ginger

8% – Distillery near the town of Aberlour

Revatted Oloroso Sherry-Seasoned Butt
Single Malt
Red Apple, Sultana, Malt

20% – The Benrinnes Distillery

First Fill Bourbon Barrel
Single Malt
Fudge, Apples, Malt

29% – The Clynelish Distillery

First Fill Bourbon Barrel
Single Malt
Apple, Wax, Honey

39% – The Linkwood Distillery

First Fill Bourbon Barrel
Single Malt
Apple Blossom, Vanilla

The Orchard House whisky label has a yellow background endorsed by vines, roses, fruits, flowers, and insects to bring in a spring-summery effect. There are apples, peaches, berries, and lemon collectively growing on the vine. There are bees, snails, ants, butterflies, grasshoppers, and spiders running around the fruits and flowers. In the centre, the Orchard House is present with a bell on top. The label gives a feeling of summer in forest vibes.

Orchard House is our first core range whisky produced almost entirely from whiskies we have aged since the day they were distilled. In a sense, it’s more ‘our whisky’ than anything we’ve made before. We are so proud of this. Something new, something different for us. Something joyful. And delicious,” John Glaser, founder of Compass Box, said in a prepared statement.

The Scotch whiskey is seen by the brand “as outstanding pre-dinner malt. It will ably partner amber and pale ales, as well as swathes of soft cheeses.

Tasting Notes of Orchard House

The official tasting notes include:

  • AROMA- Apple and pear are followed by pineapple, lemon and lime zest, and Earl Grey tea.
  • PALATE- Notes of powdered ginger flavors and a rounded maltiness, followed by forest honey and vanilla shortbread. 
  • FINISH- Nutmeg and apple persist into the long-lasting finish.
  • BOTTLED AT– 700ml at 46% ABV/92 Proof, Non-chill filtered
  • COLOR- Natural color

The Orchard House whisky can be purchased from The Whiskey Exchange website at an RRP of £42 (USD 58).

The story of Compass Box

“We believe Scotch whisky is one of the world’s great drinks. With more spectrum of flavor and style than any other spirit, it has such capacity to delight both newcomers and discerning devotees. So that’s what we aim to do with every bottle we create.”

The official website announced.

The Compass Box was founded in 2000 by whiskey maker John Glaser. He started the company with an initiative to bring delicious Scotch whiskies to more people. The company is based on the long-lost model of the Scotch whisky blending house, but with a forward and modern-looking approach. The company originally started from John’s kitchen, and now has two dedicated Blending Rooms in London. They have their stocks of maturing whiskies in Scotland and a team of over 15 enthusiastic whisky-lovers. They create Blended Scotch whiskies, Blended Grain whiskies, and Blended Malt whiskies from Single Malt and Single Grain whiskies to create textures, flavors, and pleasures that no solitary whisky can attain as “Whisky is their Canvas”.

Get influenced this fall with Orchard’s House lightly pleated malt Scotch whisky. Enjoy the whisky neat, with ice, with water, infuse the whisky in your cocktail mixes, or pair it with food. Cheers to the fruity flavors!

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