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Estuary Presents India’s First Blending Water

Across the world, water might look similar, but the truth is that every glass of water contains a unique mix of dissolved salts and minerals. This gives every kind of water its taste, which changes the taste of your whiskey or single malt drink. Estuary Blending waters are toned to remove unwanted flavors, so you can experience the original taste of premium spirits.

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Water is mostly used as the main mixing element in any spirit like whiskey, vodka, scotch, etc. The minerals and salts in the water mix with the premium spirit and create an epiphany of flavors in the palate.  But each time the base or blending water differs, the taste of the drink changes. Estuary Company brings a solution to this problem by presenting the world’s first crafted blending water to bring the authentic experience of sipping your premium drinks.

The word ‘Estuary’ means the meeting of the rivers. Estuary Company was founded by the third-generation entrepreneur Devashish Kamdar with the motive to create a brand of water that can influence the real taste of the whiskey drink. The other two co-founders are Mr. Adheet Patel and Mr. Devansh Kamdar. Devashish used to consume whiskey with a particular brand of water and during the lockdown, it became difficult to find it. This idea became the foundation for the Ahemdabad based Estuary Blended Water. The company was started in October 2020 and had a manufacturing unit in Jamnagar, Gujarat, India. The fully automated unit has a capacity of producing 90 bottles of blended water per minute. 

Estuary Blended Water- A superior mix!

Estuary Blended Water is World’s first Blended Water. The formulation of this water has been uniquely developed to enhance the flavor of the drink. The water compliments the flavor-producing phenolic compounds, while also containing the guaiacol dispersion within your glass. This makes blending water a superior mixer and leads to more flavor in every sip. This luxury water also magnifies the flavors of the spirit to give a memorable and enjoyable experience while keeping the authentic integrity of the spirit. An Epicurean’s choice of appreciating fine food and drinks. The water is colorless and contains 0% alcohol.

To manufacture it, the water undergoes seven layers of distillation including reverse osmosis, ozonization, fortification, filtration, and UV ozonization. These processes tone down the water so that it can be blending directly with the whiskey,”

Devashish said to SMBStory.

The bottle design is unique with a custom-forged glass bottle and a jewel-like metal cap having the world map engraved on it. The bottle showcases a premium quality product that is authentic and unique to the world. The bottle packaging is plastic-free that prevents unwanted chemicals from leeching into the water. The blending uses ethically sourced water and is created in a sustainable production cycle, thus making Estuary Blending water an environmentally conscious product.

Why Estuary Blending Water is right for your Spirit?

  1. PRESERVES THE AUTHENTIC TASTE OF PREMIUM SPIRITS:- Mixing your prized single malts and rare whiskeys with blending water maintains the original balance of flavours crafted by the distillers and master-blenders.
  2. BLENDING WATER JUST BLENDS RIGHT:- Blending water has been uniquely formulated to compliment the flavour-producing phenolic compounds, while also containing the guaiacol dispersion within your glass. This makes blending water a superior mixer, and leads to more flavour in every sip.
  3. IT’S PLASTIC-FREE AND ECO-CONSCIOUS:- Estuary’s plastic-free packaging prevents unwanted chemicals from leeching into the water. From ethically sourcing water to reducing waste and creating a sustainable production cycle, Estuary Blending water is an environmentally conscious product.
  4. IT’S THE EPICUREAN’S CHOICE:- Those who take the time to appreciate fine food and drink will immediately appreciate the role of blending water. 
  5. A BOTTLE THAT ELEVATES THE EXPERIENCE:-With a custom-forged glass bottle and a jewel-like metal cap, Estuary blending water matches the aesthetics of your premium barware. 
  6. A FLAUNT-WORTHY INNOVATION:– Spirit connoisseurs across the world didn’t have access to water made exclusively for blended drinks, until now. Estuary is making India proud by giving the world its first crafted blending water.

The Certifications approved to Estuary Blended Water

  • FSSAI: Tested and approved by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India as being completely safe and suitable for consumption.
  • GMP: Inspected and certified as being consistently and sustainably produced, compliant with Good Manufacturing Practices.
  • HACCP: Adheres to the stringent international safety standards as certified by the Hazard Analysis of the biological, chemical body.
  • ISO: Received the seal of approval for compliance and consistency from the International Organization for Standardization.
  • MADE IN INDIA: Proudly exceeds global quality, safety, and manufacturing standards with locally sourced talent and materials.
  • UNIVERSAL RECYCLING SYMBOL: Manufactured without the use of chemicals. Packaged in 100% recyclable materials.

Recently, Estuary shared the limelight with some of the world’s best whisky makers and whisky tasters in the world. Estuary Blended Water has been awarded the title of ‘Official Blending Water’ at the Scottish Whisky Awards, 2021 held last month. Estuary became the official pairing recommendation for all the Scottish and Single Malt spirit offerings at the event and was presented to the whisky connoisseurs across the globe. The product was also showcased at the International Drinks Expo, 2021.

The brand’s officially released Spirit’s blending water includes- Single Malt Water, Whiskey Water, and Vodka Water. The blending water is available in two formats of 330ml and 750ml that are priced at Rs.275 and Rs. 425, respectively. There are five other variants of Blending Water available are- Daily Water, Golf Water, Travel Water, Venture Water, and Coffee Water. The brand sells these products through partnered 3,000 retail outlets, including Nature’s Basket and Living Liquidz, as well as through 30 distributors and five super stockists across India. It also sells internationally in London and Kuala Lumpur and is soon planning to launch in Dubai.

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Preserve the premium quality of your spirits by mixing with Estuary Blending Water and enhancing the drinking experience. The world’s first Blended water is specially crafted for the celebration with its mystery elements! “Blend it Right with Estuary!!!

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