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English Heritage Organic Gin by British Honey Co.

“The gin and tonic have saved more Englishmen’s lives, and minds, than all the doctors in the Empire.” – Winston Churchill.

In the 11th century, monks and alchemists created a medicinal liqueur using the Juniper berries which they called Genever. This Genever evolved into ‘Gin’ and became a much-loved beverage across countries like England, Holland, and others.

Gin’s popularity across the globe is immeasurable, today it is loved equally by both the younger and the elder generations. Whether you enjoy it simply with tonic water or take the pleasure of a classic cocktail, this beverage never fails to satisfy you. Gin is produced by pot still distillation methods wherein botanicals are added to infuse flavors.

Did these facts excite you? If yes, then please come with me on a journey to unlock the flavors of beautiful and organic gin originally presented by the British Honey Company. 

From Honey Farmers to Spirit Makers- British Honey Company:

In 2014, a group of beekeepers at British Honey Company thought of converting themselves into distillers and started their journey by selling a set of fruit-infused drinks, Keeper’s spirits, along organic honey. 

Marzio Di Rocco, the master distiller at British Honey Co. said ” The quality of taste must be exceptional, and the complexity of the flavors must be balanced so it’s enjoyable to drink in a varied number of ways ‘.

With the promise to create something new, today the British Honey company has established its reputation all over the world by selling its award-winning range of spirits under several self-owned brands.

English Heritage Organic Dry Gin:

English Heritage Organic Dry Gin has been recently added to the versatile collection of the British Honey Company. Inspired by the lush green gardens and landscapes of England, this organic gin has been handcrafted beautifully in the award-winning distillery of Buckinghamshire to keep the legacy of gin-loving English people alive. 

This classic London dry gin is made by the copper pot distillation method that is carefully carried out in smaller batches to give the spirit an exceptional taste. The distillers have tried to infuse the fresh and rustic flavors of London in just a bottle by using the finest organic botanicals. 

English Heritage Organic Gin has been recommended to be the perfect choice for an aperitif and will taste the best when served with tonic and a slice of lemon. This dry gin will feel smooth and clean on your palate and you will experience a balanced taste of piney juniper with soft floral notes, fresh rosemary, and angelica seeds. The aftertaste of the spirit is refreshing with hints of cardamom and citric nuances. 

This Organic dry gin is proofed to 40% ABV and is available in 70cl and 5cl bottles. One bottle of this English Heritage Organic Dry Gin will cost you £39.00 and is easily available on the official website of British Honey and Company. 

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