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Detroit City Distillery Launch of Four Grain Bourbon: An Assurance of Permanency among 5* Whiskey companies.

Reliable global recognition is rare. Not many places can assimilate the surpluses of their capital into a productive and meaningful whole. Detroit, the city of one of America’s economic and cultural hubs has once again accredited their excellence not only in the sphere of automobiles, music, or architecture but also in the beverage industry for decades now.

The new launch of the Four Grain Straight Bourbon from Detroit City Distillery (DCD) is a specimen of it, which permanently certified the position of DCD among the award-winning whiskies companies. As it has gathered together four different Michigan grains with a mash bill of 57 percent Corn, 19 percent Rye, 12 percent Red Winter Wheat, and 12 percent Malted Barley. This bold, smooth sipping bourbon is aged for over two years in new white American oak barrels which offers a sweet autumn nose of green apple, caramel, and wheat, which is followed by a silky body with notes of browned butter, walnuts, and fig. It finishes with the Detroit City Distillery’s signature rye spice with notes of pistachio, burnt orange peel, and cinnamon.

Detroit City Distillery was initially a creator of a small batch of artisanal whiskey, gin, and vodka using the local natural ingredients sourced directly from farms near the distillery. But their resulting drink was so extraordinary in its savor that it revolutionaries and rewrote the entire history of the beverage industry as well as of the whole of the greatest American city – Detroit. 

The release of the Four Grain Straight Bourbon is also a symbolism of their sensational determination and passion towards beverage as their canvas of experiment, Mr. Michael Forsyth, a co-owner of Detroit City Distillery stated on the release of it –

When you make whiskey from scratch, you’re working on it for years before you get to share it with the world. The addition of Four Grain Straight Bourbon is a special moment because it represents everything we love about making whiskey – sourcing the finest Michigan grain, making whiskey inside a historic building that was once home to Goebel’s and Stroh’s, and creating a label that screams this is Detroit whiskey, and we’re damn proud of it. Our Four Grain Straight Bourbon represents the best of the farm and the city, and that’s really what we’re all about.

In the celebration of this new bourbon, Detroit City Distillery hosted a special Bourbon Release Party on September 3, 2021, at Detroit City Distillery’s Tasting Room on Riopelle Street in Eastern Market, where whiskey fanatics and bourbon connoisseurs were able to purchase bottles from the first batch, sample whiskey flights and bourbon cocktails, were even individual can score the first limited-edition bottle from DCD’s special Four Grain Bourbon Single Barrel Series. 

To continue this jollification they suggested hosting a single barrel release party at their Tasting Room on the first Friday of each month where customers can buy these rare bottles. Fewer than 250 bottles are to be available for each release. Single barrel releases are first-come, first-serve started last Friday by Maple, which will be followed by October 1 (wine) and November 5 (cognac), respectively. Limit of two bottles per person. State-wide distribution of Four Grain Straight Bourbon starts October 1, 2021.

The addition of Four Grain Bourbon to Detroit City Distillery as put by Michael Forsyth “It’s a special moment when you bring a new bourbon into the family” of award-winning whiskies. As their last Homegrown Rye Whiskey won double gold at the World Spirits Competition in 2020 and Butcher’s Cut Bourbon won best young bourbon in America at the American Distilling Institute Craft Spirits Competition in Louisville. 

It’s a great compliment to our award-winning whiskies that brings a new flavor profile to the table. Our Butcher’s Cut Bourbon (68% corn, 27% rye, 5% malted barley) and our Homegrown Rye (97% rye, 3% malted barley) were both made to be spicy and dry, where Michigan rye shines. Four Grain highlights Michigan wheat and our creative use of barley malts, which produces a sweeter, silky-smooth body that is loaded with fall flavor”.

Forsyth further added

Four Grain Straight Bourbon bottles are $55 each and available for purchase at DCD’s Tasting Room at 2462 Riopelle Street in Detroit’s Eastern Market or on their official website at Four Grain Straight Bourbon will be available at liquor stores in October; in and around America.

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