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Crowler Vs Growler

The craft beer industry is not what it used to be some years back. Global acceptance of craft beer has surged in the last 10 years, leading to an increase in demand for take-home beer. As demand continues to change, so does the consumption of beer. An apparent change is the popularity of growlers and crowlers.

What is a Growler?

Firstly, a growler is a glass container used for beer. This container is refillable and looks like a larger jug or bottle. Usually 64oz, a growler is made from dark brown glass. Its smaller version (32oz) is called a howler.

A growler can be found in breweries with their logo on it. It is a great choice if you want to share a beer with friends. However, this container is not made for long-term storage. Therefore, the beer in it should be consumed not long after bringing it home from the brewery.

What is a Crowler?

Similar to a growler, a crowler is also a can used for beer. However, this aluminium can is non-refillable. It is half the standard size (32oz) of a growler can. This 32oz can is equal to 2 pints of beer, twice what a regular beer can contain.

If you would like to drink beer at your convenience, a crowler is a good choice. If the can isn’t opened, the beer in it can last up to one month. As soon as it is opened, the liquid will begin to go flat just like another beer can. Once opened, it should be drunk in one sitting.

Left Side- Crowler || Right Side- Growler

Growlers vs. Crowlers

You need the perfect beer container to bring home your favourite craft beer from your local brewery. Both growlers and crowlers are popular ways of doing just that. However, understanding their differences under the following factors is important:


  • Growlers are more likely to break because they are made with glass. Shipping is quite costly because they are quite heavy.
  • The use of traditional growlers requires customers to take it with them to the brewery to purchase a new one. This is in no way convenient.
  • Growlers need regular cleaning just like all other glasses. If it is not cleaned regularly, there will be a buildup of foamy residue which may change the taste.
  • For a beer to taste as good as possible, its integrity must be protected. Beer remains fresher longer if it is not exposed to oxygen and light.


  • Crowlers on the other hand are lightweight and resistant to breaking. Beers in them are more likely to arrive fresh than in a growler.
  • Crowlers are much more convenient, unlike growlers. With them, it is easy to bring home any beer you desire.
  • Unlike growlers, crowlers are single-use cans. You can recycle them and purchase a new one.
  • The aluminium can of a crowler limits its exposure better than the glass container of the growler. Considering this, crowlers are superior to growlers.

Although the fills of both crowlers and growlers are the same, the costs of their containers are different. Generally, crowler containers are less expensive compared to growlers. The downside that a crowler has here is that you can’t get as much beer with it as you would with a growler. Both crowlers and growlers are great ways of getting beers home regardless of your preference. Get one from your local brewery and enjoy your drink!

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