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Cannabis flavored vodka

Chronic Spirits – The Cannabis Flavoured Vodka Is Coming To India Soon

Yes, you read that right! As all things work their way through evolution, even the alcoholic beverages industry follows through and it isn’t far behind. There are many unique products to mark in a list but a progression in the field of cannabis always goes up the road of success. This product brings another dimension overall when blended or infused in a spirit. Wondering what it would taste like? The best example of this is the magnificent vodka that is all set to enter the markets of India. Cannabis and vodka are bonded together to produce this exquisite expression – ‘Northern Lights Vodka’ by Chronic Spirits. 

‘This is the future; until the legalization allows more psychoactive ingredients to come into our lives, we are still championing the most accepted and fully legal party ingredient, alcohol.’

By Chronic Spirits

Launched by the Real English Drinks Distillery, this vodka has caused quite a stir in the markets since its launch. Northern Light vodka is for the discerning and enlightened drinker. This definitely takes the legalization of cannabis a step forward while also generating curiosity in society. The launch of this product gained a lot of attention due to the promotion offer laid down for independent retailers – One free bottle for every five. The UK has heartily welcomed this spirit in response to the increased demand for cannabis. 

The Flavor Profile Of Northern Lights Vodka 

Tasting Notes by Chronic Spirits :

  • Color – Northern Lights is a rich, deep verdant liquid. It reflects the true color of Northern Lights, an indica strain of cannabis.
  • Aroma – As the bottle is opened and poured, a distinct cannabis aroma fills the room. Once in the glass, the aroma is subtly supported by a tropical fruit base; no further invitation to take a sip has ever been needed
  • Taste – The distinctive taste of cannabis, supported by an elegant tropical fruit base, results in a smoothness that slides effortlessly down the throat. The unparalleled aftertaste of Northern Lights is so intriguing, it makes one yearn for more.

The Packaging :

Although this vodka is popular for its flavour profile, let me just point out that – Chronic Spirits made sure to design a beautifully aesthetic model to hold this exquisite expression. The cylindrical bottle has a deep black shade with the logo in between carved with golden colour. Around the logo, one can see an intricate design with lots of details and a cannabis symbol. The below part showcases the vodka’s name along with the tag – cannabis flavoured vodka. But that’s not all! This overall package is an ultra-contemporary, ultraviolet-enabled bottle. The intricate detail on the bottle shines in the shade of neon green under the UV feature. The already attractive bottle gains momentum with this technique as the design somehow signifies the spontaneousness of cannabis. 

Now if you’re wondering if this vodka will get you high? Then :

Northern Lights Cannabis Flavored Vodka contains the flavour and taste of the purest form of cannabis. But the main foundation of this spirit is vodka and it does not contain CBD & THC. (Cannabidiol & Tetrahydrocannabinol). This vodka does not contain any psychoactive ingredient due to legal reasons.

Into The Clear – The story behind Chronic Spirits 

I evolve from a world of the chanting masses, that scream to get their voices heard

To the warriors echoing calls, to the vulnerable silent cry, to those who lead, and to those that follow

I hear you

To the rage that burns, the catalyst of change, a human storm of ideas, forever growing in velocity

I hear you

To those that protect, collect, distil and guard, to those who aim to leave a legacy, form part of the human fable…

I hear you

To those who prefer to sing, or use their bodies to speak, to those whose jokes pack a punch, and to those who refuse to take one

I hear you

With space to listen, the human chant is music, a symphony of flavour, to savour on a path for us

Into the clear

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