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Celebrate the ‘Discovery Excellence’ of 1834 with the new Filipino Gin

Ginebra San Miguel Company recently launched the new 1834 Premium Distilled Gin representing the ‘Discovery Excellence’ concept. 1834 Premium Distilled Gin celebrates the year 1834 which is part of the rich cultural impact of Philippine history. The 1834 gin is infused with naturally rich Philippine ingredients to deliver the world the classic Filipino gin taste. 

1834 Premium Distilled Gin- A Celebration

1834 is a year of celebration for Ginebra San Miguel Company as it stands for two major events, a story of the culture and history of the company in the Philippines as well as the story of the Filipino people. 

One event is the year celebrates the company’s founding by Antonio Ayala and Domingo Roxasin in the Philippines. The company was then named Ayala Y Cia. The Distileria Licorea de Ayala or Ayala Distillery under the company produced their first product as Ginebra San Miguel de Ayala gin. Later, Anacleto del Rosario, a renowned Filipino chemist improved the gin by developing the technique of purifying alcohol to give it a stronger body and smoother taste. It appealed to both masses and members of common Filipino people as well as the wealthy Filipino elites. In the 180 years of founding, the company acquired various advanced equipment from France, improvised their distillation process for mass production, and created different spirits innovations. Aside from growing its gin brand, the company expanded its liquor portfolio to include Gran Matador Solera Brandy (2003); Tondeña Premium Rum (2004); Gran Matador Solera Gran Reserva (2005); Antonov Vodka, Don Enrique Mixkila, and St. George’s Whiskey (2006). Presently, Ginebra San Miguel Inc. is the hard liquor arm of San Miguel Corporation, one of the largest and most diversified conglomerates in the Philippines.

The second event is the most important in both Ginebra San Miguel Inc’s as well as in Philippine’s history. 1834 is called the “Golden year of glorious Philippine era”. The Royal Company of the Philippines was abolished this year, indicating the start of the country’s era of commerce and prosperity. It ended the Spanish monopoly over the Philippines and allowed free trade to flourish. Manila became a premier port for Asian and European traders. With the open commerce market, there was an entry of democratic ideas introduced in the form of books, journals, and other periodicals shipped into Manila’s harbor. This flow of new ideas gave rise to the ilustrados. These were “enlightened” individuals who shaped the Philippines’ future as they fought for reforms. The flow of new reformed ideas shaped the Philippines ’ culture and historyAn era of discovery that put the Philippines on the world’s map for the finest products.

The company wanted to celebrate the “Discovery of 1834” with an “excellent” spirit in the form of 1834 Premium Distilled Gin. 

“If the year 1834 was made into a drink, it would only have to be the Ginebra 1834 Premium Distilled Gin…. Ginebra’s 1834 Premium Distilled Gin embodies the excellence, refinement, and honor of the people from 1834, a truly noteworthy year. 

It is a gin expertly crafted by the world’s largest selling gin, which is Ginebra San Miguel,” said Giselle Villanueva, 1834 Brand Manager to CW Philippines. “But I think moreover than our gin-making techniques, the story is embodied very well from the packaging down to the formulation of using endemic, unique botanicals from the Philippines.”

According to Mario Alvaro Limos in Esquire

1834 Premium Distilled Gin is infused with fine Philippine tropical ingredients like Calamansi and Sampaguita, as well as orange peel, juniper berries, and lemon peel. “It took time in doing a lot of the research and development for this product. The first initial inspiration is we wanted to have a Filipino gin, and because we wanted to tie it in together and highlight the story of discovery and excellence of a Filipino gin.”

Villanueva said.

1834 Premium Distilled Gin is said to be a clear and hard spirit with floral, citrusy notes and a smooth excellent finish. The spirit is bottled at 40% ABV.

The suggested retail price of a 750mL bottle of 1834 Premium Distilled Gin is ₱700. 1834 Premium Distilled Gin is available at major supermarkets like The Marketplace and can be ordered via Lazada, Shopee, and

Bottle design- Excellence with Craftsmanship

The bottle design of 1834 Gin depicts excellence highlighted with craftsmanship. The elongated pentagonal bottle shape takes inspiration from the first gin bottles where gin used to be kept. The back panel label features illustrations of the old Philippine map. The front panel label shows different parts of era 1834 like the Gallion ship and 1834 Premium Distilled Gin with spirit specification. The bottle etchings also signify a lot of meaning. The line etching at the bottom of the front panel takes inspiration from the first map of the Philippines showing nautical lines and signifying voyages that led to the ‘discovery’. Line etching at left and right shows Philippine’s ingredients like Calamansi and Juniper berries. The top shoulder etching shows the detail of the Philippine’s Sun and Star compass. The cap color tells that this is the gin ‘the world has been waiting for’. On top of the cap, there is a detailed face of the Old Katipunan Flag.

The design is described by Giselle Villanueva in a virtual tasting of the gin with the mixologists at

The tasting panel included- Adrian Besa (Bar Manager, MO Bar), Bryan Bonifacio (Bartender, Employee’s Only), Gabriel Carlos (Bar Manager at One Ninety Bar in Four Seasons, Singapore), and Edu Zamora (Head Bartender, Smoke & Mirrors).

Cocktail Recipes

The two cocktail recipes are taken from the official Facebook and Instagram pages. For more details- Facebook- Instagram- 

PAHIYAS- by Gabriel Carlos, Bar Manager at One Ninety Bar in Four Seasons, Singapore.

“The Filipino flavors of Sampaguita and calamansi of 1834 Premium Distilled Gin inspired me to make a cocktail that reminds me of festivals back home. I took inspiration for this drink from the Pahiyas festival in Lucban, Quezon that celebrates and gives thanks to a bountiful harvest! It is considered to be one of the most colorful and vibrant festivities in the Philippines. Cheers!”

Ingredients – 45ml 1834 Gin, 10ml Lime Juice, 10ml Calamansi Juice, 15ml Jasmine Syrup, 10ml Egg white, and Grapefruit Bitters

GOOD MORNING NEGRONI– by Lennon Aguilar, Professional Mixologist.

Here’s Good Morning Negroni made with 1834 Premium Distilled Gin, espresso, bitter liqueur, and cinnamon syrup. A spirit-forward drink with just the right kick, aggressive yet pleasant, perfect for any weather! Another new discovery!

Ingredients- 30ml 1834 Premium Distilled Gin, 30ml espresso, 30ml bitter liqueur, 15ml cinnamon syrup.

The history of Filipino Gin in the bottling of 1834 Premium Distilled Gin is waiting to be unraveled. The authentic taste with the cultural history story is worth experiencing. Cheers!!
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