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MakaZai White and Gold Rum

Maka Zai, is now officially on shelfs in Karnataka

Maka Zai Rum is now available in three states in India – Goa, Maharashtra, and Karnataka. As a small, homegrown, and independent company that serves up ‘micro-marvels’ of rum, that helps elevate your drinking experience.

Maka Zai translates to ‘I Want’, in Konkani, and has both a White Rum – the Bartender’s Edition, and India’s first Gold Rum – the Tribute Edition. Both variants are made from locally sourced sugarcane from various parts of the country, blended on Indian soil and nourished by the sweet waters of Goa.   Each edition of Maka Zai has unique characteristics, right from the process to the flavour profiles:-

  • Bartender’s Edition: A homage to the often unsung efforts and talents of bartenders, this edition is a crystal-clear, medium-bodied white rum with creamy and elegant aromas. The floral, sweet, spicy and herbaceous nature of the rum gives it a unique tropical note. This arises from the sugarcane grown in the rich, red soil around the Panchaganga river in Maharashtra that is used to make the rum.
  • Tribute Edition: The high-quality, two and a half years old matured gold rum has a silky character that gives one the feeling of a late, sunny afternoon. The spirit is aged in oak barrels in Punjab and blended on the shores of Goa. It makes for a perfect sipping rum with hints of praline, dry dates, figs, caramel, cinnamon and honey along with a well-rounded vanilla accent.
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