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Belvedere Vodka’s Commitment to Sustainability

It Plans to Cut CO2 Emissions by 80% The spirits company released its first line of certified organic vodka

The launch of Belvedere Organic Infusions builds on the Moët Hennessey-owned spirits company’s “Made With Nature” brand platform, which launched last September, and is supported by a digital ad campaign. Centering a renewed commitment to nourishing the Earth’s ecosystem, mitigating climate impact and engaging with society, the brand pledged to source only certified organic ingredients with the platform’s launch. The new line of infusions marks the first Belvedere products to honor that commitment.

“Belvedere has always had a commitment to our Polska provenance. However, we’ve reinstated our commitment to transparency, traceability [and] most importantly […] accountability.”

Billy Paretti, Belvedere’s global chief marketing officer

Billy Paretti, Belvedere’s global chief marketing officer, told Adweek.

The infusions are available in three initial flavors: pear and ginger with a drop of linden honey, blackberry and lemongrass with a hint of sage, and lemon and basil with a touch of elderflower.

The launch follows another announcement from Belvedere that it’s the first spirits company to receive a European Commission grant to build a biomass capture facility on-site at its 111-year-old distillery. Launching later this year, the facility will help the company to continue cutting CO2 emissions. Belvedere cut 42% of its emissions between 2012 and 2017 but hopes to reach 80% by the end of the year.

Also as part of its “Made With Nature” platform, the brand has committed to switch every one of its ingredients over to certified organic and traceable by 2025. Belvedere is also planning to halve the amount of plastic it uses in production—it’s already cut single-use plastics by 95% in recent years, the brand said.

Belvedere’s commitment to sustainability is front and center in the new campaign and product launch, a value that’s increasingly on the minds of consumers. While it may have been slow to reach the alcohol industry, brands like New Belgium Brewing and Michelob Ultra Pure Gold have made those commitments central to their brand messaging.

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