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Asahi Launches A New Range Of Seltzer

Asahi breweries, the Japanese global beverages (alcoholic and non alcoholic) and food business has entered into the hard seltzer category in the UK. With its launch of the ready to drink Viper Hard Seltzer

 The Hard Seltzer category in UK is a growing one, and its current worth is £10.4 million and is forecasted to grow by 34% by 2021 (IWSR data). Asahi breweries has tapped into trend with its Viper launch.

Viper Hard Seltzer responds to the needs of consumers who are looking for an alcoholic beverage with a crisp taste which can be consumed for out door and at home social occasions”.

By Sam Rhodes

The Viper Hard Seltzer line goes through a six day brewing process , brewed in Pilsen with water pumped from 100m below sea level to create Hard Seltzer with its crystal clear appearance to deliver a refreshing and smooth taste .

The viper line comes in two flavors cranberry and lime with an ABV of 4%  and 96 calories per can of 330ml with no artificial sweetener, color or preservatives.

Described as “premium option within this category whilst catering to consumers looking to make  more balanced choices when seeking an alcoholic beverage”

It is sold in selected off premises for the Price of  £2.20 ($3.11) and at select on premises £4.50 ($6.35). It would be available from this month.

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